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Zhangjiajie Xibu Street is located in the famous scenic area, Wulingyuan district. It is an unique collection of cultural tourism which comprehensively blends bar street above river, Chinese special food street, Xiangxi folk shopping boutique street, lounge inns, creative workshops and so on. Below is a few pictures of its lively and beautiful night life […]

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The unique quartzite sandstone pillars of Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area can rarely be seen in other places in the world. Within an area of over 360 square kilometers, Over 3,000 peaks have been discovered so far, all of which are magnificent and majestic. When the sun shines through just after a rainfall or […]

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Snow: Zhangjiajie winter temperatures is between 8 ℃ to -3 ℃ below zero. The mid of December to next year in early March, is the snow season in Zhangjiajie. It will snow before and after the Spring Festival every year. Accommodation: Winter is off-season, Zhangjiajie tourism hotels discount greatly. People will have a recommendation of […]

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In winter, Zhangjiajie nature will not be crowded like summer. In the place such as elevators, cableway and environmental car station, The waiting team is obviously shorter. Walking in the plank road, with exclusive beautiful nature, Zhangjiajie is more accessible at this time. Everyone says that Zhangjiajie mountain has an exotic, natural and graceful atmosphere. […]

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