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The dish of loach drilling through tofu is a feature of zhangjiajie cuisine. This dish is a special food of Tujia people. The firing method is to first puta small loach into a pot or jar, then pouring water and a small amount of salt,with a night feeding, the loach will spit out silt and […]

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ZJJ Chicken soup of gastrodia elata is a characteristic of zhangjiajie. With high nutritional value, it is a folk nourishing recipe. The gastrodia elata in zhangjiajie eight archduke mountain area, has golden color, which seems to be transparent and bright. It has the function of treating dizziness, stroke hemiplegia and curing diseases. Gastrodia is a […]

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Litsea Cubeba is called “hotson” and “mountain pepper” by the local people. It is a condiment of a lot of food. Litsea Cubeba can eat fresh fruit,also can fry oil. The main components of oil are limonene, JiaQuan heptenone. It can make all kinds of food, or be used as perfume for cigarettes, cosmetics,toothpaste and […]

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