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Recently, According to the “Beautiful China-1st National Forum on Construction and Development of Characteristics Ecotourism City” held in Beijing, Yanling County of Zhuzhou City in Hunan Province was honored as the “Most Beautiful Ecotourism Demonstration County in China”, The “Tourism County with Best Investment Potential in China” and The “Beautiful China Demonstration County”. It is […]

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The China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (COCEA) was invited to survey the western Hunan from October 31 to November 6, fueling new and vigorous energy to the development of western Hunan. The 67 members of the delegation are from such seven countries and regions as America, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The […]

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2013 Jishou international drum festival press conference held in changsha dolton hotel. This ancient festival was organised by the CPC hunan committee propaganda department, cultural department, hunan national committee, hunan tourism bureau, hunan TV, xiangxi communist party, Xiangxi people’s government and jishou university. It is understood that the “2013 jishou international drum culture festival” has […]

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Furong town is a home of Tujia and Miao minorities in the west Hunan. Furong Town has a history of more than 2,000 years, and it an ancient town where people of the Tujia and Miao ethnic people live together. It is originally named as Wangcun until a famous movie entitled “Furong Town” was filmed […]

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