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This is most famous snack in Changsha that almost nationally well-known. People say that the tofu smells weird but it tastes great! Tofu with odor is also made in some other places but why those made in Changsha are especially delicious? Their only selecting the best materials is one of the secrets. The materials are: […]

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Have you ever heard a dish called Shredded Pork with Garlic Sprouts? It is a very special dish. It has some characteristics, such as, the pork in this dish is smooth and tasty, and the garlic sprouts are fresh and tender. A seasonable home-style dish, this dish is rich in high quality protein, multiple minerals […]

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Xiang dishes: The Xiang school puts much emphasis on the appropriate combination of different foods and delicacy of shapes within dishes, as well as the mixing of ingredients and how flavors are combined. Xiang dishes especially emphasize sour and spicy flavors. As early as the Western Han dynasty, a variety of cooking techniques had been […]

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