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No.6 Hunan Xiangxi Aizhai Suspension Bridge It tops the third among the world, first in Asia, in terms of its main span lasting 1176 meters. With an altitude of 330 meters from its design elevation to the ground, it crosses over a valley that Dehang River run through around Aizhai Town, and the whole suspension […]

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No.1 Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge It is the world’s longest cross-sea bridge, which stretches 36 kilometers. No 2. Henan Guo liang Road, A Guabi Road Guabi roads are a kind of road that is built on a cliff in China, there are six Guabi roads in total, mainly spreading among Taihang Mountain and Southeastern Shanxi […]

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Recently, The tourism community website has announced that China’s first “Travel Specials” information platform would on the formal operation. The information platform will collect, sort, analysis, monitor various tourism special information both at home and abroad to provide travel reference. On the other hand, It can provide opportunities for the product display of tourism operators […]

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Held by Xinhuang Dong Minority Autonomous County, Xinhuang first camp festival will begin during May 16th to 18th.During this days, Domestic outdoor lovers will gather there to feel a mysterious ethnic culture, Exploring breathtaking grand gorge and experience a more ecological and original camp festival among green mountains and clean rivers and Dong Villages. Travelers […]

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According to Highway free policy during Tomb-sweeping festival, The car can be travel free in highway. Free time is at midnight on April 5th to 7th. Highway free policy has been launched in 2012. It includes the Spring Festival holidays, Tomb-sweeping day, Labor Day and National Day. Translated by Sophia

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