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It is reddish in color, sweet and just a little sour, crisp on the outside and tender on inside. One of the well-known dishes in Zhejiang Cuisine, this dish is popular among all the people regardless of age or gender. Everyone loves its special taste of sweet mixed with sour, its freshness, its crisp outside […]

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Twice-cooked pork is a Special Sichuan Cuisine but has a warm welcome in zhangjiajie. It is red and green in color, rich in taste. The pork slices in it is fat but not greasy. As the saying goes, if you haven’t eaten this dish in Sichuan, You haven’t actually been to Sichuan, even if you […]

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Litchi Bay-style congee has fish, shrimp, fried peanuts, fried squid, fried rice noodles, fresh lettuce, jellyfish slices, coriander, spring onion and basil. Its name comes from a legend of a young man from a rich family in Litchi Bay, in the western suburbs of Guangzhou that has litchi trees planted on river banks. His family […]

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During the Spring Festival, Chinese families will get together and have dumpling parties. It is said that the dish was invented by Zhang Zhongjing, one of the finest Chinese physicians in history. Dumplings have a 1,800 year long history which is why it is one of the most popular traditional foods in China and extremely […]

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Sweet and Sour Pork is a Chinese dish that is particularly popular in Cantonese cuisine and can also be found in Zhejiang cuisine,Sichuan cuisine, and Shandong cuisine. The dish is now popular all over the world. With its great look and taste, Sweet and Sour Pork takes the cake among foreigners’ favorite Chinese dishes. Main […]

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