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On July 20, 2018, UNESCO experts reassessed and commented on Zhangjiajie. UNESCO experts Dr. Randy Miller and Dr. Marco Cogack, Mayor of Zhangjiajie Liu Ge’an, Secretary of Wulingyuan District Committee, Zhu Yongwen, and Li Peiqi, deputy mayor of Zhangjiajie, attended this feedback meeting.

The experts of UNESCO have fully affirmed the management work done by Zhangjiajie. They made feedbacks on geological science, ecological environment protection, and geopark development. They believe that it is necessary to further improve the fossil labels of scenic spots, so that tourists can have a comprehensive and profound understanding of the history of fossils; To transmit more geological knowledge information to tourists; strengthen cooperation and exchange with sister geological parks in specific fields, seek to establish partnerships; strengthen training for tour guides and tourism practitioners, strengthen park protection, live in harmony with nature, and establish stable and friendly ecological environment relationship.

Zhangjiajie officially thanked the experts of UNESCO for their hard work. As the manager of the World Geopark, Zhangjiajie World Geopark will be fully implemented to reassess various rectification work and promote the sustainable development of the park.

Source from Peng Lei

Feedback meeting

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On July 23, 2018, Shanghai’s Yangtze River Delta Economic and Trade Cooperation Week, at the Zhangjiajie special promotion conference, Zhangjiajie’s high-quality tourism projects attracted the attention of the Yangtze River Delta investors and Taiwanese businessmen in Shanghai, and 13 investment projects signed for contracting, totaling 18.25 billion yuan.

Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary and mayor Liu Ge’an said at the promotion meeting that with the opening of high-speed rail between east-west and north-south, Zhangjiajie has entered a new round of important strategic opportunities for accelerating development, and has become a good place for investors to invest and return richly.

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On June 27, 2018, China Zhangjiajie Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.The official leader of Zhangjiajie, Mr. Liu Shaojian introduced the development of tourism in Zhangjiajie City and introduced its unique tourism resources.

In recent years, Zhangjiajie and Indonesia have become increasingly close to tourism exchanges. Since 2013, Zhangjiajie has received nearly 10,000 Indonesian tourists each year; on June 4, 2018, the direct charter flight from Zhangjiajie to Jakarta was inaugurated, and tourism cooperation between the two places entered a new era.

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On July 6, 2018, Zhangjiajie Guocong Folk Museum opened its doors, and will hold a three-day collection exhibition, antique trade fair, folk art protection seminar and many other activities.During this exhibition, Zhangjiajie Guocong Folk Museum will be open to the public for free for three days.It is also the largest multi-ethnic folk culture museum in Wuling Mountain area.

The formation of “Antiquities Trading Market” of Zhangjiajie Guocong Museum has made up for the pattern of the antiques trading market in Hunan Province. At the same time, it has also established a new image of Zhangjiajie, promoted the innovation and development of Zhangjiajie folk culture industry and promoted the cultural heritage of Zhangjiajie, and promoted the development of tourism in Zhangjiajie. It is of great significance to further enhance the influence of Zhangjiajie folk culture brand at home and abroad.

Chinese source: Zhou Jingjing Xu Yunjing

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On June 20, an interview with a reporter from the marketing director of Vietnam’s Yaan International Travel Service, Ms. Ruan chuiling said, Whether it is the pure air in the summer forests of Zhangjiajie, or the beautiful snow landscape full of wild winter, it is unique to Vietnamese tourists.

Source from Wang Di, Tao Jun

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