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Zhangjiajie Hongyanling rock climbing project is located in Hongyanling Village, Ganyan Township. It is adjacent to Xikou Town and is adjacent to the banks of the Lishui River.

It is a typical Danxia landform, showing a southern country scenery.It is a natural base for outdoor camping, downhill, cave exploration, outdoor movies, jungle crossings and picnics. It is surrounded by red sandstone mountains and can be used for various outdoor activities in the mountains.In the foothills of the red stone block, there are everywhere stone steps, and the stone walls that nature has slashed out, the flat tops form a unique landscape.

How to visit: At the Yanghe exit of Zhang-Chang Expressway,Turn right (Note:Road sign), It is about 8 km away, you can reach your destination-Hongyanling.

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During May Day holiday, at Wulingyuan Biaozhimen gate, together with Chinese and foreign tourists, Zhangjiajie folk art team jumped with lanterns, Maogus, three-bar drums and Tujia drums. A group of foreigners jumped up and sang along with Maogus team. And another group of tourists danced with lantern team. Everyone cheered and jumped up and cheered.

A group of tourists from Europe and the United States were dancing with the local folk artists to dance the happy Tujia dance, and they won applause from time to time.

Culture is the soul of tourism. The more national, the more the world. In recent years, while protecting the world’s natural heritage tourism resources, Zhangjiajie has increased the excavation and integration of ethnic folk culture, and successfully launched the large-scale performing arts such as 《Charming Xiangxi》,《Misty rain Zhangjiajie》,《Dream Zhangjiajie》,《Xiangxi old cavity》 and so on,The program attracted more visitors to Zhangjiajie.

Source from Deng Daoli

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On April 29th, Zhangjiajie International Tour Guide Talent Team Theme Salon was held in Wuling-Shanzhen Museum. The theme salon is “Patriotism, Dedication, Sincerity, Service”,Nearly 30 language guides participated in the event. This event also invited the responsible person of Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee Organization Department and Zhangjiajie City Culture and Tourism Unit to provide on-site guidance.

The theme salon is carried out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Guided tours in English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, German, Russian, Cantonese, and Chinese were introduced and presented by their own tour group activities.Subsequently, the tour guides of each language shared the experiences and feelings of tour group activities.and How to strengthen the guide’s own construction, improve the overall quality, improve the service level and maintain the international image of Zhangjiajie, etc., the theme salon conducted an in-depth discussion.

Many pertinent suggestions have been put forward on how the government, scenic spots, travel-related enterprises and tourism practitioners are in line with internationalization.The relevant responsible persons of the various units participating in the salon also discussed the views and viewpoints on the internationalization of Zhangjiajie, The introduction, cultivation and development direction of language talents were interpreted. Exchanges were made on measures such as strengthening the management of tour guides. The solution to the rationalization proposal proposed by the various language guides is proposed.

It is reported that there are currently 8,528 registered tour guides in Zhangjiajie, 11 languages involved, and nearly 300 small language guides, which have provided tour guide services for 117 countries and regions. The tour guide has become an important force for the high-quality development of Zhangjiajie tourism and the creation of “International Zhangjiajie”.

Source from Zhou Zhiqiang,Yi Shanren

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On April 22nd, the head of the Zhangjiajie Aviation Vocational College held talks with the head of Kharkov State Aerospace University, Ukraine.The two sides will combine disciplines, professions, geography, culture and other advantages and characteristics to increase cooperation in academic training, teacher training, academic exchanges, and internship training.Training aviation, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, aviation services and other talents for the global aviation industry.

Kharkov State University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, founded in 1930, is known for inventing the first high-speed aircraft with retractable landing gear and designing the world’s first turbojet engine in Europe. She is an international university association(IAU/UNESCO). also is a famous university in the Ukrainian national education system to train aviation talents. 80% of Ukrainian experts in the aerospace field graduated from this university.

Source from Tian Yucai

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During the Qingming small holiday, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot is azalea blossoms. Huanglongdong Scenic Spot is Sakura Masaaki.Zhangjiajie urban area is full of rape blossoms and peach blossoms, and flowers are everywhere. Visitors who come to the green and enjoy the flowers are in a constant stream.

On April 7, it was learned from Zhangjiajie official news that during Qingming small holiday, Zhangjiajie received a total of 1.25,800 tourists, achieving a total tourism income of 802 million yuan, an increase of 13.19% and 18.64% respectively.

Source from Zhao Qingqing

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