Seven Tips for Foreign Tourist Guests Visiting ZJJ

May 26th, 2013 | Tags:

Nowadays, more and more foreign travelers are eager to have a visit at Zhangjiajie. To ensure a comfortable and satisfactory trip for them, it is very necessary to keep a few tips in their mind. Here, I would suggest seven tips as follows.

No.1 Don’t trust easily over-passionate tour guide in case he was amateurish.

No.2 Don’t trust tour guide who offers very low price in case he abandoned you halfway.

No.3 Don’t follow tour guide blindly without any knowledge of tour course in case you went into undeveloped and dangerous place.

No.4 you’d better not accommodate in hotel or inn without business license.

No.5 Don’t casually buy an antique, only if you were a connoisseur.

No.6 Don’t believe in polygonum multiflorum of human shape because it is very rare.

NO.7 When anyone tramples on you interests and rights, please dial 12315 or 07445616574 timely. You may as well remember as much information as possible. Any related information is important and useful to protect your rights.

By Emma

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