ZJJ Food:Xiangxi Bandit Duck

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ZJJ Xiangxi Bandit Duck is a very delicious, popular and traditional food in Xiangxi.Speaking of Xiangxi Bandit Duck,many people wonder how could a duck be called as a bandit.It is really a very funny and strange name.

However,if you know about the story about the invention of the course,you will not have such a feeling. Once upon a time,there was a women named Mrs Zhang in XIiangxi.Since she was good at cooking, she opened a small restaurant. However,the business was very poor because of desolate place and scarce people.Mrs Zhang raised a flock of ducks which laid few eggs and were so fierce that they often spoiled plants.When she drove ducks away from the fields, some words would often burst out,“You god dammed ducks,just like bandits!”At last,she grew so angry that determined to kill and cook them one by one.She made a decision to close the restaurant as soon as all ducks was eaten away.To Mrs Zhang’s big surprise, her guests loved to eat the duck very much and came often. The reason for the popular dish perhaps was that the flesh of the fierce ducks was very fine,smooth and fresh as well as her excellent cooking skills. Every time her guest asked the name of the dish,she would respond to them casually,“This dammed dish? It is bandit duck.”Unexpectedly,the name of the dish even add such a dish’s popularity.Without dout,with a great many guests,the restaurant witnessed a blooming.

Xiangxi Bandit Duck has a unique flavor.It is fresh, salty and spicy.The ingredients are a fresh duck raised in field, konjak,tofu,salt,chicken power,cooking wine, spicy sauce,wild pepper,ginger,onion.If you haven’t taste such a yummy dish,why not have a bite of it.I bet you never regret for it.

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