Fenghuang — A paradise for foodies

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“River passing through the town, and households pillowing on the water” –Fenghuang, an ancient town in west Hunan, is home to my favorite writer Sheng congwen and respected painter Huang yongyu. Innumerable tourists coming here to look for tranquility and dreams are attracted by its profound culture and antique-flavor avenues and lanes

For every tourist, various reasons have driven them for Fenghuang, some for the Border Town in the novel written by Sheng congwen, some for the pursuit of happiness, while others for getting rid of sadness quickly. As for me, enjoying gourmet food is my ultimate aim.
I did not follow the gourmet strategy on the Internet this time, but went to the place favored by the locals. Although it lacks some ancient ambience, the flavor is really good. The food is delicious with sour, hot , fresh and fragrant tastes which would make you watering.


The new road in Fenghuang, a busy avenue of barbecue
A busy market beside the Rainbow-shaped Bridge is famous for its various snacks on the night fair, such as Fish in Sour Soup, rice noodles, pot-stewed duck etc. It is a street that is much livelier in the night than in the day , an ideal for people who love night life and just miles away from the Nanhuan Gate

sour and hot rice noodles pot-stewed duck

Lubianmei Third Largest Restaurant on Tongren Avenue of Fenghuang, Sour soup pot of beef offal

Legendary Hotel in White Sand Town, local sour soup of rice+ local chicken, a real delicacy.

Travel is a way to experience life, a famous saying goes that, a meaningful life is one who put himself in the book or on the way. Fenghuang, a gorgeous place to travel, will wait for you with its delicious food!
By Brenda

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