How Many Scenery Spots are there in Zhangjiajie?

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Zhangjiajie has a lot of scenery spots which generally can be divided into four parts known as the scenery spots group around the border of Zhangjijie, scenery spots group in Zhangjiejie namely Wulingyuan Resort, the scenery spots group of the East Tour Course, as well as the scenery spots group of the West Tour Course. The details of these spots are classified and listed as follow for you to select.

Natural Mountain Landscape: Zhanjiajie National Forest Park, Huangshi Village (Yellow Stone Village), Jinbian Creek(Jin Bian Xi), Tianzi Mountain(Tian Zi Shan), Tianmenshan National Forest Park, Wulei Mountian(Wu Lei Shan), Badagong Mountain(Badagong Shan), Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, etc.

Landscape of Rivers and Lakes: Banfeng Lake(Bao Feng Hu), Circling Torrent Drift(Jiliuhuixuan Drift), Lou River Drift(Lou Jiang Drift), Maoyan River Drift(Mao Yan He Drift). Guiguxiagong Cave Drift(Gui Gu Xia Dong Drift), etc.

Karst Cave Landscape: Huanglong Cave(Yellow Dragon Cave, Huanglong Dong), Jiutian Cave(Nine Heavens Cave, Jiu Tian Dong), Longwang Cave(Dragon King Cave, Long Wang Dong), Guanyin Cave(Guan Yin Dong), Wo Hu Cave(Recumbent Tiger Cave, Wo Long Dong), etc.

Cultural and Historical Sightseeing: Tujia Folk Customs Hotel, Lao Yuan Zi(The Old Yard), Yuanjia Village(Yuanjia Zhaizi), Dayong City(Dayong Fucheng), Puguang Temple(Puguang Chansi), Junsheng Art Academy, Tianzi Pavilion, Liuqi Pavilion, Bronze Statue of Helong, Tianmenshan Temple, Memorial Hall of Soviet Revolution, etc.

Landscape of High-tech: Chinese Giant Salamander Biotechnology Museum

Minorities’ Entertainment Party: Meili Xiangxi(The Charm of West Hunan), the Love Story of a Woodman and a Fox Fairy, Menghuan Zhangjiajie(Dreamlike Zhangjiajie), the Impression of Zhangjiajie, Yanyu Zhangjiajie(Zhangjiajie in the Misty Drizzle), Tima Saint Song, Xilan Kapu, and Charming Zhangjiajie.

Natural Hot Spring: Jiangya Hot Spring, Wanfu Hot Spring

Translated by Vincent Chou

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