Oolong village–A splendor for a brave heart

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I have been in Zhangjiajie for 3 years and gone to National Forest Park for at least seven times, every time I go, I will find something new, something fantastic! Thus, I have trodden on most of its scenic spots, and among them, the most impressive and exciting experience is in the Oolong Village, the most adventurous and special splendor
The second time I went there was in spring, when the mountain was especially enchanting with flowers wandering around. Along the way, our journey was brimming with surprises and joys!
1, Blooming flowers dotted around the mountain, when we first entered the mountain, a carpet of azalea blossoms jumped into our eyes, which was quite amazing!


Azalea blossoms wandering around the mountain, fancy!
2, This was really a biggest surprise to us, because God sent aN adorable and lonely friend to us halfway. We called him “Big Grey” according its skin color! He was strong and faithful ,and  always followed us closely till we reached the top. Sometimes he led us when we got lost

The ” Big Grey“ in  the middle is looking at the camero curiously
3, Perilous terrain, after my several times experience, I come to conclusion that if you want to go to this place, you must possess several traits to make it!

 A slim figure, otherwise you cannot pass a lane like this!

 A strong and malleable waist, because, you can not walk all the way straight when you are on a way like this!

 Last but not least, a strong heart filled with courage if you really want to challenge a gorgeous like that

by  Brenda

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