Zhangjiajie Hongyanling Rock Climbing

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Zhangjiajie Hongyanling rock climbing project is located in Hongyanling Village, Ganyan Township. It is adjacent to Xikou Town and is adjacent to the banks of the Lishui River.

It is a typical Danxia landform, showing a southern country scenery.It is a natural base for outdoor camping, downhill, cave exploration, outdoor movies, jungle crossings and picnics. It is surrounded by red sandstone mountains and can be used for various outdoor activities in the mountains.In the foothills of the red stone block, there are everywhere stone steps, and the stone walls that nature has slashed out, the flat tops form a unique landscape.

How to visit: At the Yanghe exit of Zhang-Chang Expressway,Turn right (Note:Road sign), It is about 8 km away, you can reach your destination-Hongyanling.

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