Zhangjiajie’s non-heritage folk make tourism hot

May 4th, 2019 | Tags:

During May Day holiday, at Wulingyuan Biaozhimen gate, together with Chinese and foreign tourists, Zhangjiajie folk art team jumped with lanterns, Maogus, three-bar drums and Tujia drums. A group of foreigners jumped up and sang along with Maogus team. And another group of tourists danced with lantern team. Everyone cheered and jumped up and cheered.

A group of tourists from Europe and the United States were dancing with the local folk artists to dance the happy Tujia dance, and they won applause from time to time.

Culture is the soul of tourism. The more national, the more the world. In recent years, while protecting the world’s natural heritage tourism resources, Zhangjiajie has increased the excavation and integration of ethnic folk culture, and successfully launched the large-scale performing arts such as 《Charming Xiangxi》,《Misty rain Zhangjiajie》,《Dream Zhangjiajie》,《Xiangxi old cavity》 and so on,The program attracted more visitors to Zhangjiajie.

Source from Deng Daoli

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