Zhangjiajie Aviation Vocational College and Ukrainian Aerospace University establish cooperation

May 4th, 2019 | Tags:

On April 22nd, the head of the Zhangjiajie Aviation Vocational College held talks with the head of Kharkov State Aerospace University, Ukraine.The two sides will combine disciplines, professions, geography, culture and other advantages and characteristics to increase cooperation in academic training, teacher training, academic exchanges, and internship training.Training aviation, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, aviation services and other talents for the global aviation industry.

Kharkov State University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, founded in 1930, is known for inventing the first high-speed aircraft with retractable landing gear and designing the world’s first turbojet engine in Europe. She is an international university association(IAU/UNESCO). also is a famous university in the Ukrainian national education system to train aviation talents. 80% of Ukrainian experts in the aerospace field graduated from this university.

Source from Tian Yucai

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