Zhangjiajie Held Farming Folk Culture Tourism Festival

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On March 8, 2019 (The second day of the second lunar month), Zhangjiajie Farming Folk Culture Tourism Festival was held in Jiaoziya Town,Yongding District,Zhangjiajie.More than 40,000 villagers from Jiaoziya Town and surrounding towns and villages participated in this event.

Jiaoziya Town is located in the northwest of Yongding District, with obvious advantages in transportation and location. There are five ethnic groups in the town, including Tujia, Miao, Dong, Yao and Han,the natural scenery is beautiful and the Tujia culture is strong. It is one of the characteristic tourist towns in Zhangjiajie.

1800-person-long dragon banquet and 70-meter-long dragon lanterns attracted people to watch.

Source from Zhangjiajie news

Tourism Festival1

Tourism Festival2

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