Watching Hunan in The Sky shoots in Wulingyuan

September 16th, 2017 | Tags:

On September 7, the big TV feature film, watching hunan in the sky completed the filming of the location of the wulingyuan area. According to the chief introduction, this feature film will focus on zhangjiajie new pattern of tourism development. It is expected in early October in hunan TV public channel, mango TV broadcast platform, such as a tribute to the party’s 19.
During the wulingyuan, crew line will successively go to wulingyuan tianzishan mountain, Yuan Gujie, dragon ladder, bao feng lake, huanglong hole, xibu street and other scenic spots. At that time, wulingyuan magic beautiful geological landform scenery and colorful folk intangible cultural heritages are shown in the feature films.

Translated by Sophia


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