CCTV “Travel guide” focuses on Zhangjiajie winter tourism

November 30th, 2016 | Tags:

On November 22 to 24, CCTV “Travel guide” film group comes to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan. As the main body in the winter tourism product, Zhangjiajie will follow the tour guide to the world through the screen.

To strengthen Zhangjiajie winter tourism, arranged by the municipal party committee propaganda department, the central television station “Travel guide” crew has been in Wulingyuan Tianzishan mountain, Yuan Gujie, miles galleries, Baofeng lake, Huanglong hole and Charming xiangxi natural humanities attractions. With the unique folk customs, members are pleasantly surprised and excited, active to record Zhangjiajie winter charming “Fairy tale world”.

“Zhangjiajie winter is too beautiful! Mountain is magical, water is very witty, and people are very enthusiastic.”The tourist guide of Australian Chinese female MC Min – Zhui lee is fond of the beauty of the Zhangjiajie. It is understood that during the period of Zhangjiajie, it comes to film the grand canyon glass bridge, Hetian,Tianmen mountain and so on. It gives vivid detailed and comprehensive Zhangjiajie tourism information in winter.

The tour guide is English news channel of CCTV special tourism programs. With 30 minutes long, it is the whole one of the most-watched program of CCTV English news channel, also is the present domestic only the global broadcast of the English tourist programs, which has high influence abroad.

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