ZJJ Yangjiajie Cableway becomes “Golden Air Corridor”

September 23rd, 2015 | Tags:

On September 22nd, Yangjiajie cableway company spread good news:The cableway in 2015, has received 1.6 million tourists, which counting the 59% of the total tourists at a time. This set of data shows that Yangjiajie ropeway has become the world natural heritage Zhangjiajie “Golden air corridor”.

The personage inside course of study analysis, Yangjiajie cableway “Blockbuster” is benefited from the strategy of “Western development”, the enterprise brand expanding, and other factors in Wulingyuan district in 2015. As we have learned, Yangjiajie Cableway Company has perfected the longfeng anno forest tourism trails and natural great observatory trail facilities. It has designed creative activities, further enhancing the visibility and reputation of the scenic spot.

Yangjiajie cableway becomes wulingyuan “Golden air corridor”. It not only plays a good traffic function, to achieve significant economic benefits, also promotes the deepening of “Western development”.

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