Snow-covered ZJJ Core Scenic Area with Amusing Wild Moneys

February 3rd, 2015 | Tags:

With a sudden drop on temperature in Zhangjiajie, auspicious snow fell down recently. Scenic places such as Tianzishan, Yuanjiajie,Wulongzhai in ZJJ Wulingyuan area were covered with snow. Thousands of sandstone hoodoos were dotted with rimes and ice-crystals, which was very breath-taking. Wild monkeys in groups ambled around to ask food from guests and play with them, screaming out of excitement.

For the sake of guests’ safety,ZJJ Wulingyuan Tourism Department reminded that please do not harass monkeys with branches and stones and keep a certain distance from monkeys when taking photos. Besides, in monkey-concentrated area where notice boards would show you, put you food inside your bags. What’s more, there is a special warm tip for children, never eat in front of a monkey.

Avatar snow1

Snow-covered Hallelujah mountain

ZJJ snow money1

Two monkeys in line taking photos with guests

Avatar snow2

Guests taking photos at the Avatar filming area

ZJJ snow money2

Wild monkeys picking up food from guests

Translated by Zumi

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