Ten Most Spectacular Roads in China

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No.6 Hunan Xiangxi Aizhai Suspension Bridge

Aizhai Bridge

It tops the third among the world, first in Asia, in terms of its main span lasting 1176 meters. With an altitude of 330 meters from its design elevation to the ground, it crosses over a valley that Dehang River run through around Aizhai Town, and the whole suspension bridge stretches 1073.65 meters.

No.7 Guizhou Qinglong 24-Curve Anti-Japanese Road

Anti-Japanese Road

With 24 curves, it is spectacular, steep and precipitous. In Ancient China, it is called “Yaguan” meaning thousands of people can’t break in if only one people is guarding. It is part of the Stilwell Road built during Anti-Japanese War, the lifeblood of Anti-Japanese War.

No.8 Tarim Desert Road

Tarim Desert Road

It runs across the south and north of Taklimakan Desert, “The Sea of Death”. For visitors who are thirsty for crossing the Desert, it is undoubted that self-driving on the road is the best alternative. The tour lasts about 5 hours, when they can see wonderful desert sights.

No.9 Four Roads to Tibet

Road to Tibet

The four roads are Chuanzang, Qingzan, Dianzang, and Xinzang Road, which are all fantastic roads with beautiful scenery, a heaven for riders.

No.10 Taiwan Su-Hua Highway

Su-Hua Highway

It starts at Su-ao, Yilan to the north and ends at Hualian, Hualian to the south. It has a total length of 118 kilometers adjacent to the sea, built according to the coastline or occasionally into the flat river delta hinterland. As one of the most famous sight-seeing road, one can enjoy pacific sea scenery as well as steeps and mountains.

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