Ten Most Spectacular Roads in China

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No.1 Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge

Cross-sea Bridge

It is the world’s longest cross-sea bridge, which stretches 36 kilometers.

No 2. Henan Guo liang Road, A Guabi Road

Guabi Road

Guabi roads are a kind of road that is built on a cliff in China, there are six Guabi roads in total, mainly spreading among Taihang Mountain and Southeastern Shanxi Province. The most famous one is Guoliang Road, which is titled as “The ninth wonders”, “One of the world’s most dangerous ten roads” and “One of the world’s most unique 18 roads”.

No.3 Shanxi Zhongnanshan Highway Road Tunnel

Road Tunnel

The single hole is 18.02 meters long, doule hole 36.04. Its scale of construction of the same kind topped the first among the world. It takes as long as 15 minutes to go through. What is worth to go is that it is equipped with the most advanced lighting system to relieve drivers from tiredness and ensure their safety.

No.4 Hunan Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Curve Road

ZJJ Curve Road

It is 10.77 meters long, 200 to 1,300 meters above sea level. Surrounded by steep cliffs on both sides and deep valleys, it has a total of 99 curves, like a knit-tight continuous jade belt around the mountain, titled the World’s most spectacular wonders.

No.5 Huan Jishou Aizhai Curve Road

Aizhai Curve Road

It is a spotlight on the artery of 319 National Road, which runs from bottom to top with 13 curves, steep and precipitous. Besides, it is usual in china that a bridge was built next to its top.

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