ZJJ Local Architecture-A Spotlight of National Culture

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Stilted building, Specialized as its small cyan tile, pitched roof, shallow grey wall, corner stair and overhanging eaves, has become a unique spotlight of ZJJ Wulingyuan scenic zone, in a natural harmony with Wulingyuan’s amazing natural scenery. Being a symbol of Zhangjiajie national culture and Tujia People’s physical and spiritual heritage, stilted building is absolutely an amazing and fascinating scenery.

ZJJ Wulingyuan scenic zone, A habitation of Tujia, Miao, Bai Nationality, has occupied in a large scale by Tujia People by a proportion of ninety percentages. Stilted building is just a wisdom symbol of Tujia people. With growing emphasis and development on natural culture, ZJJ Wulingyuan scenic zone has made a lot effort on transferring tourism mode according to new strategy that “Preserve World Natural Heritage Uphill and Build Cultural Heritage Downhill”. Xibu Street, Charming Western Hunan Square, Symbol Gate, Yellow Dragon Cave Square are classic representative of specialized architecture. Apart from this, Zhonghu Village, and Tianzishan Town are under building style stadt.

It is believed that in a not far future ZJJ Wulingyuan scenic zone will be a heaven land not only for vision but also spiritual enjoy.

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ZJJ Architecture

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