Escorting Foreign Guests at night, Huangshi village Won Good Reoutation

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“We tried to find the way down the mountain but the night came down. We asked the leader of the Committee to help. ….” Two guests from Ukraine wrote in visitor′s book of huangshi village scenic spot.

July 18, at night about 8 o′clork, Management committee of HuangShi village received phone from employees. They found that two foreign guests can’t speak Chinese. The staff who was on duty rushed to the scene, led the guests to the management committee office to rest after tea. Through communication, knowing that they are Ukraine teachers. As a matter of fact, they wanted to down the mountain, but went to the round village. As the sky went dark, they still trapped in the mountain, and needed help.

Due to the limitation of scenic area, it did′t have the function of recepting visitors overnight. To ensure absolute safety of foreign tourists, staff reported to public security department, and decided to escort guest down the mountain. Then, three members from scenic spot,that is QinHaiYang, LiuDaiSheng, ZhangMi, took emergency flashlight, put on raincoat, walked down through tourism channel to escort guests down the mountain. It was raining at that time, and the road was slippery. Two tourists were very tired, so LiuDaiSheng did not hesitate to take up the heavy bag on the shoulder. Meanwhile, reminding them of being careful on the way, and letting them go on the inner road to ensure safety. In order to reduce the fear of going downhill at night, escort personnel also actively communicated with them, two tourists also had the interest to learn Chinese. Though more than a hour′ trip, in late 10 pm ,the tourists arrived at police station. It was not until 12pm that escort personnel returned to the management committee office.

Management Committee of HuangShi village always adhere to the evening “off gate” patrol system and the emergency relief mechanism of convoying stranded tourists at night. That is to ensure the peace of scenic spot and tourists security. At the same time, taking the lead in promoting internationa tourism, they also enhance the ability of servicing foreign guests, thus scenic quality management service brand got a high social praise from the tourists and all walks of life .

Translated by Sophia

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