ZJJ Wulingyuan Outdoor Leisure: Zhangsanjie

April 8th, 2014 | Tags:

During the tomb-sweeping festival this year, A number of outdoor enthusiasts in Wulingyuan district found Zhangsanjie.

Zhangsanjie is located in the west of Baizhang Gorge, About 1200 meters above sea level. The top was very broad vision. It was expected to see Wulingyuan district, such as Tianzi mountain, Yuanjiajie and Baofeng mountain. The mountainous scenery was charming, with the lush trees, flowing streams, wild flowers and fresh air. It was a good place for outdoor leisure. It could develop the outdoor leisure tourism product, driving the development of community economy.

Translated by Sophia

Zhangsanjie 1 Zhangsanjie 2

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