Travel Tips in Zhangjiajie Winter Tour

December 27th, 2013 | Tags:

Snow: Zhangjiajie winter temperatures is between 8 ℃ to -3 ℃ below zero. The mid of December to next year in early March, is the snow season in Zhangjiajie. It will snow before and after the Spring Festival every year.

Accommodation: Winter is off-season, Zhangjiajie tourism hotels discount greatly. People will have a recommendation of Wulingyuan area hotel. Zhangjiajie tujia food is also a special skill, wonderful and sweet.

Shopping: Zhangjiajie local products are very famous, especially the kiwi, Green tea, Scented tea, etc. The most famous one is SangZhi salt bean curd cake and maojian tea. In addition, the tujia brocade, printing, lace, Chinese herbal medicine, tujia stickers, turtle grain stone series products and so on, are famous specialty here.

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