Zhangjiajie Fresh Air

December 27th, 2013 | Tags:

In winter, Zhangjiajie nature will not be crowded like summer. In the place such as elevators, cableway and environmental car station, The waiting team is obviously shorter. Walking in the plank road, with exclusive beautiful nature, Zhangjiajie is more accessible at this time.

Everyone says that Zhangjiajie mountain has an exotic, natural and graceful atmosphere. But we can not ignore 2000 kinds of forest plants, An indispensable gentle stroke.

As China’s first national forest park, scenic spot retains the primitive natural ecological environment. The early winter, we still can touch the green, pure and fresh air. What a luxury thing. In 2010 Shanghai world expo, we also can see six bottles of air collected from Zhangjiajie scenic spot, as a unique gifts to six representatives of the national pavilion.

Translated by Sophia

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