Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Badagongshan

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Mountain Badagongshan, located in the border area between Sangzhi County in northwest Hunan Province and Crane Peak in Hubei Province, constitutes a long narrow green strip on the top view of Google Maps. Within this green area Tianping Mountain, which extends toward northeast, boasts 25 ha special forest, i.e., a typical large sample plot of the subtropical mid-montane evergreen and deciduous broadleaved mixed forests.

Due to the characteristic of adapting to wet habitats, Chinese dove trees, tetracentron sinensis and Taxus chinensis remain to live on for thousands of years.

Mountain Badagongshan, located in the flora of central China with the most Chinese characteristics, is a shelter for relict plants and also an area rich of peculiar plants in China, with its original forests well-preserved.

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