ZJJ Long-xia-hua Tea(Lobster Flower Tea)

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ZJJ Long-xia-hua Tea is one of the very special kinds of tea here: It is a mixture of a kind of precious flower ingredient and tea. The name “Long Xia Hua Cha” means “Tea of lobster flower”. Why? Just take a look at this kind of tea: It is a little bigger than usually how big tea leaves are, and it just looks like one special flower growing in zhanjaijie–lobster flower.

What’s more the making process of this kind of tea is really careful and complicated:
1.This tea is collected only in April every year to make sure that everything is in its best situation.
2.There are many requirements for what leaves can be selected, Such as: They should be the top 1 or 2 leaves of the brunch, they should be about 3cm long…
3.The producing process is complicated: Dry, Clean, Select, fry…

With the quality guaranteed many travelers bring home as a kind of health-benefit gift for their friend.

Translated by Sophia

lobster flower tea lobster flower

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