Hunan Leiyang Cailun Bamboo Forest

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Located at the southeast of Hunan province,near the midstream of Lei River,Cailun Bamboo Forest covers 100 square kilometers, Among which the core scenic area is 66 square kilometers. It is a comprehensive tourist attractions that combines with sightseeing, leisure, exploration and treasure-hunting. For the moment, it is a provincial scenic area, a provincial forest park and a provincial Mountain bike training base and national water recreation area.

With a area of 10672 hectares, Cailun bamboo forest is the biggest contiguous bamboo forest park, known as the title of “Vast Bamboo Forest in Asian” and “Natural Oxygen Bar”. It has 200 hilltops, stretching ups and downs with luxuriantly green trees. The bamboo forest is rich in various breed. For instance, phyllostachys pubescens owns more than 20 kinds. If you love bamboos and nature, why not come here? I bet you will never regret.

Ticket price:50RMB

Opening time:08:00-17:00

Address:Customer Center of Huangshi Town, Leiyang, Hunan.


By Zumi

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