Hunan Shimen Jiashan National Forest Park

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Jiashan National Forest Park locates at the southeast of the Shimen County 8 kilometers away. Since the mountain is between two peaks to the east and west and has a passway to the south and north, it was named as Mount Jiashan.With green mountains, lush trees, fresh air, elegant quiet environment and long cultural history, Jiashan National Forest Park was rated as China 3A scenic area.

Based on natural forest resources, it has cultural history, giving expression to the holy place of Buddhism and simple original local customs. You can go on tour on horse, by boat. Besides, you are able to watch fish and fishing. You are also accessible to observe Buddhist things, trail King Chuang (Leader of a peasant uprising in the late Ming Dynasty.), enjoy martial arts, appreciate antiques and go on a meditation. In addition, you can look down from the peak, take a walk in forest and enjoy plants and take in the fresh air. The tour guide will introduce the rich connotation and tell a wonderful legend to you, making you enjoy yourself in fairy-like wonderland, lingering on without any thought of leaving.

Traffic: A minibus passenger car across the county passing in every 10 minutes

Ticket price: 35 RMB per person

Open time: 8:00-18:00

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