How About Chinese Chopsticks Culture

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1.Don’t placing chopsticks unevenly

Chinese people regard it as inauspicious to place a pair of chopsticks unevenly on the table before, during or after a meal. They call it “Son thong liang duan”, or ” three long and two short”, which indicates death.

2.Don’t pointing at others with chopsticks

You should never perch your chopsticks between the thumb, middle, ring and little fingers, while sticking out your index finger, as it implies abuse. In most cases, Chinese people point at others with their index fingers to scold them. Therefore, such a movement is unacceptable.

3.Don’t striking plates or cups

Chinese people believe it is obscene to strike one’s plates, cups or bowls with chopsticks, because, in the past, only beggars struck their bowls while begging.

4.Don’t crisscrossing chopsticks

This point is often neglected by people,who place their chopsticks carelessly in a crisscross while having a meal. This is unacceptable because it implies the negation of all the other diners, much like putting a cross over the wrong answer on one’s homework. At the same time,it shows disrespect to the host as in the past one had to put a cross and signon the written confession when being charged.

5.Don’t dropping chopstick(s)

It is considered a serous breach of etiquette when one drops his/her chopstick(s) on the ground, as Chinese people believe it disturbs the ancestors, who are buried. However, this can be rectified by making crosses with the fallen chopstick(s) from east to west, and then from north to south.

By using a pair of chopsticks politely, you may catch a glimpse into China’s profound culture.

Translated by Sophia

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