Zhangjiajie Ethnic Tanhou Sunning Clothes

August 10th, 2013 | Tags:

Time: The sixth day of the sixth lunar month (About July)

What’s On: The Tujia people have a tradition to sun clothes on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month. A Tujia folktale tells that a Tujia chieftain named Tanhou passed away on the early Ming Dynasty and later it became a major festival of the Tujia people.

During this day, each Tujia ethnic family will prepare a big meal for family union. Firstly, they will cook dishes and worship their ancestor Tanhou. Tanhou was a leader popular with Tujia people. While he was disobey to the emperor of Ming Dynasty so that he was died for some political reasons. And the traditional custom in this festival is to sun clothes for memory this great Tujia minority figure.

Translated by Sophia

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