Guangzhou Litchi Bay-style Congee

August 3rd, 2013 | Tags:

Litchi Bay-style congee has fish, shrimp, fried peanuts, fried squid, fried rice noodles, fresh lettuce, jellyfish slices, coriander, spring onion and basil. Its name comes from a legend of a young man from a rich family in Litchi Bay, in the western suburbs of Guangzhou that has litchi trees planted on river banks. His family ran into financial difficulties, so to make a living, the young man bought a small boat and sold congee from the boat. The rich ingredients made the congee so delicious that it attracted many customers. Now the unique congee can be found in many restaurants in Guangzhou, including roadside eateries and luxury hotel restaurants, but it is no longer served on boats.

Translated by Sophia

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