Huangsiqiao Ancient Town

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Huangsiqiao Ancient Town, means Huang family Silk Bridge, named as: in ancient time, Huang’s family a worker produce the better silk with reasonable price, and earned over many years, then he built a bridge over the river to combine the 2 banks so that the Miao people could easily to the town and buy silk, and also the bridge increased the exchange and contact between the Han and Miao people, so the Miao people named the town as Huangsiqiao. The town over 600 meters in circumference with gate towers to the east, west and north, about 100 families live in this old town with several old tilted houses.

Huangsiqiao Ancient Town is 24km away in the west side of Fenghuang Ancient City. It was originally called Weiyang City with a history of more than 1,300 years which was built in 686.

In nowadays, the booming tourism in Huangsiqiao Ancient Town makes most residents move out from here. And according to the city development plan, this ancient stone city will turn into a scenic spot without local residents there. It is helpful for Fenghuang’s economy, while it is a pity that visitors could not experience the original local lifestyle here.

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