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ZJJ Located in the southwest of Hunan and  hinterland of wuling mountains. It is one of the earliest 5A scenic spots in China, which has been always bringing wonders to people all over the world. Here are 6 world’s records that someone can’t miss.

No.1 Tujia Chongtian House
Built in December,1990, it lies in the urban Tujia Customs Garden. With a height of 48 meters, 12 stories, it was listed as a world’s Guinness Record” the most highest, biggest and perfect wooden Diaojiao house in China”



No.2 Tianmenshan Passenger Cableway
It is the world’s longest high-mountain passenger cableway. It stretches 7454 meters with an attitude of 1277 meters.

No.3 Man’s first Success to Fly Across Natural Mountainous Cave

In December, 1990, the World’s Aerobatic Flight Competition was held in ZJJ Lotus Airport. Peter Beisheim, an aerobatic flight master from Hungary successfully went through the Tianmenshan Cave, which made a spectacular feat. The representatives of the Guinness appeared on the spot.



No. 4 Bailong Ladder
It is the world’s highest full-exposed, the longest double-story sightseeing elevator. It also is the fastest sightseeing elevator that carry the most weight in the world. Its vertical height is 335 meters.



No. 5 Tianmenshan Winding Road
It is 15.4 kilometers long and 6.5 meters wide. There is 99 curves and 2 tunnels with a fall of 600 meters. With a total investment of 80 million RMB, it started in 1998 and completed in 2001. The winding road along the mountain adds a wonderful color of the scenery.



No. 6 Liuhai Cutting Firewood, the World’s First Mountainous Live Musical Drama
It is a live drama which adapts a story of Liuhai Cutting Firewood and includes folk song in Sangzhi as well as Tujia folk customs.



Translated by Zumi

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In the morning of 22nd August, 7 People organised by Li Zhongbao, Deputy president of China Space Technology Research Academy had a forum with related leader and principals of ZJJ Community, ZJJ Political Consultative, ZJJ Housing and Construction Bureau, ZJJ Telecom Company, ZJJ Tourism Group, ZJJ Tourism Information Center, ZJJ Golden Technology Company and so on.

On the forum, Zhou Fang introduced situation of economic society and tourism development of Zhangjiajie. Representative of China Space Technology Research Academy introduced profile of China Space Technology Research Academy, Wisdom Tourism project and plan of space technological leisure experience.

Liu Qun expressed warm welcome to Li Zhongbao and his followers and also his will to cooperate with China Space Technology Research Academy and by space technology to improve tourism industry development of Zhangjiajie.

By Patricia

Wisdom Tourism

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Knowing Zhangjiajie landform knowledge, We need to go to Zhangjiajie world geological museum to look at 5D movie “Wuling Romance”.

As we have learned, Zhangjiajie world geological park museum has a total of two 5D screens, Which can accommodate 79 People at the same time. The film “WWuling Romance” is about 15 minutes, Which based on the love story between foreign friend, Jack and Chinese girl Cuicui in Zhangjiajie. It shows the mysterious and magnificent natural ecological evolution history.

On August 3rd, The United Nations educational, Scientific and cultural organization experts have an investigation on 5D experience pavilion. They hope it can become the world’s best geological museum and the geological popular science education base.

Translated by Sophia

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In the afternoon of 22nd August, At the entrance of Baizhang Gorge of Wulingyuan Scenic Resort, Four tourism talents were poured by ice water contained in barrel and gained all people’s applause and shriek.

Those four people are elites representative of tourism industry of Wulingyuan District. One is general manager of Slope Company of Tianzi Mountain, Xu Yixing and the other one is director of Baofeng Lake Company, Zhu Chaowen. One is curator of Guanshanyue Museum, Tangwei and another is excecutive manager of Xiangxi Impression Ecological Catering Company, Li Jianfeng. They not only successfully accepted challenge and donate RMB200 each one. A Chinese American tourist, greatly touched by their action and spirit and spontaneously donate RMB1,000 to support this public-spirited activity.

Li Jianfeng expressed that his participation in this activity is out of his willingness to express positive energy to society. They will donate RMB1,800 collectd that day to poor students and will invite more people to attend in.

By Patricia

ZJJ Ice Barrel

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In the morning of 23th August, The first forum on Peach Feast and Agriculture Tourism Cooperation was held in Changmao Mountain in Zhangjiajie. This could be called the unprecedented “Peach Cultural Festival”.

This peach feast, Masterminded by Zhangjiajie Daily Paper and held by expertised peach planting cooperative of Changmao Mountain in Zhangjiajie. The forum was hosted by famous presenter of Hunan Provincial TV, Mr Libin and numbers of professors were invited.

On peach feast, Primitive tujia programs like Tijia latern festive were presented to audience. It is believed in the near future agriculture tourism will attract more tourist to Zhangjiajie and become a new economic increase point.

By Patricia

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