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On the morning of August 19th, Zhangjiajie Huanglong cave scenic area, small groups of damselflies in ecological square dance on the stream and pond. The gorgeous colour, better posture has added a clever and beautiful scenery, which attracted many visitors to watch and take photos.

Damselflies are small, slender flying insect. Its size looks like small dragonfly and it is often mistaken for a dragonfly, but it is not a dragonfly. Because of the beautiful body, damselflies are loved by people.

Damselflies like living in water, ponds, paddy fields. Huanglong hole is ecological waterscape area for damselflies feeding, mating, and laying eggs. In Summer and fall, Visitors come to Huanglong scenic area, Not only to see “The best abode of fairies and immortals” rare water-eroded cave landscape, enjoy the coolness of 17 ℃ world, Also to watch rare giant salamander, and enjoy flying dragonflies and damselflies.

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In the morning,Beijing time on August 11st, Xiangxi weightlifter Xiang Yanmei with 261 kilograms of grade becomes Rio Olympics gold medal in women’s weightlifting 69-kilogram. In an interview with the media, she confides: “I haven’t been to Zhangjiajie. I want to go home to take my parents to Zhangjiajie”

As we have learned, Zhangjiajie scenic spot firstly responds to invite to her family to visit Wulingyuan world natural heritage site, world geological park.

On the same day, Wulingyuan district tourism committee also send enthusiasm invitation to all Chinese athletes of Olympic Games in Rio by the end of this year, with the relevant documents, they can be free to visit Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot (Including Huanglong hole, Baofeng Lake and all secondary scenic area).

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot is not only a healthy leisure, green ecology, landscape scenery, geological science of tourism destination, also a sport tourism destination, filial conduct. In recent years, Wulingyuan filial conduct raises widely popular with Chinese and foreign tourists. According to incomplete statistics, only to enjoy filial conduct tour in Zhangjiajie, south Korean tourists each year is more than 300,000 people. At the same time, good ecological, the high quality air, colorful folk custom, all of them attract customers at home and abroad. In addition, Wulingyuan slalom construction project is a training base for specifical game of the 2008 Beijing Olympic.

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Xiang Yanmei

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On August 8th, A “GUEST”-A national level protection wild animals Nycticebus coucang comes to Zhangjiajie.

At 10:00pm, A citizens in yongding district officer sends a monkey to yongding district forestry bureau. The residents has found the monkey are completely different. It seems walking slowly, so he thought it is sick, then sent to the forestry bureau.

Confirmed by the wildlife experts identified Jishou university, this monkey is called loris (Scientific name: Nycticebus coucang).

According to introduction, loris locats in southern Yunnan and Guangxi, throughout southeast Asia. It is China national level protection animal.

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Nycticebus Coucang

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On August 14th, 12 O’clock at night, bright lights, Huanglong hole harry hall is still buzzing. After watching “Misty rain in Zhangjiajie” the fourth show, guests just over the night, talking and laughing, some groups have interest in this review the program.

“Misty rain in Zhangjiajie” is a large folk cultural program. It shows Zhangjiajie tujia, miao simple life, with a unique and clever dance art creation, wonderful and shock the score, the perfect audio-visual enjoyment to the audience. It is not only the domestic first 3D visual customs performing arts, is also the first simulation live theatre performance. It uses modern science and technology facilities such as sound, light, electricity, etc., with large lifelike video effects, and combines live action and video picture perfect, to let a person to know the world and the mystery of Zhangjiajie national amorous feelings.

In recent years, with development of culture, leisure and tourism, “Misty rain in Zhangjiajie” wins recognition and popularity of the masses of tourists gradually. Later on, it has emerged three performances a day. In order to satisfy the masses of tourists opera desire, hallelujah hall on the basis of comprehensive evaluation factors, has decided to overcome every four performances.

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ZJJ Program

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On August 14th, in the afternoon, several Brazilian Rio tourists in Zhangjiajie Huanglong hole ecological square has danced up and down with excitement.

It is understood that several Brazil Rio tourists work in China, for a long time, they want to enjoy the scenery. The Rio opening ceremony of the Olympic Games appears Zhangjiajie tujia brocade. The weight lifting champion Xiang Yanmei’s biggest wish is to “Bring parents to tour in Zhangjiajie” after the game. After this several Rio tourists see related news, they go to Zhangjiajie for trip together.

In Zhangjiajie, Brazil Rio tourists seek the core scenic spot, and visit Yangjiajie peak, enjoying the “Avatar” floating mountains prototype column, breathing the huangshi pure air.

Translated by Sophia

Rio Visitor