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On the morning of September 17, two special guests come to zhangjiajie national forest park Wu Guanzhong statue. They are Mr Wu Youhong and Mrs Wu. It is reported that Wu Guanzhong statue is known as the three thousand and two “peak” in zhangjiajie, receiving tourists at home and abroad over 3 million passengers.

Zhangjiajie from march to become the world famous tourist destination, the traditional Chinese painting master Wu Guanzhong makes great efforts. Late autumn 1979, Wu Guanzhong came into zhangjiajie forest farm (zhangjiajie national forest park), created a huge painting and prose “in buxuriant knowledge – zhangjiajie is a scenery pearl”, letting more people know zhangjiajie.

Because of Wu Guanzhong’s strong recommendation, the pearl of zhangjiajie scenery raises out of the mountains, which developed travel tourism .

Translated by Sophia


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Recently, zhangjiajie well-known Xiao Gaojian photography work “Zhangjiajie Shufty” will be published by Chinese poem &handwriting press.

Xiao Gaojian, 76, at the age of ten likes collecting stamps. Currently, he is the director of philatelic association of hunan province and old photographer association. Since the reform and opening, Mr Xiao has spared time to publish hundreds of pages of literature, art and photography at home and abroad to promote zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie shufty has included different periods of zhangjiajie scenery in 30 years. Most of the pictures show the wulingyuan tianzi mountain, huanglong hole, bao feng lake and other scenic spots. And there are some pictures which reflects the zhangjiajie people spirit.

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Autumn in September, osmanthus show their fragrance. In Zhangjiajie national forest park, a dozen of osmanthus flowers are blooming, to meet the autumn wind. A stream of visitors, taste the sweet osmanthus fragrance.

As we have learned, osmanthus in big oxygen bar square, is tall and upright, with a canopy round type and high ornamental value.

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Tourist destination wulingyuan scenic area emerges real version of the “floating mountains” sea. Their peaks like a myth world in the thick clouds, floating an amazing “avatar”.

It is understood that the “suspended mountain” sea mainly appears in Yuan Jiajie scenic area, caused by the recent weather.

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According to statics of ZJJ Wulingyuan Tourism Department, On 9th September,ZJJ Wulingyuan had accepted nearly 1.3 million tourists during Mid-Autumn Holiday. Mainstream is short trip.

During this vocation, Many tourists choose to Wulingyuan mainly for leisure and hot-escaping purpose. During this two-month summer holiday, short trip topped middle and long distance tourism. What’s more, Tourists for short trip tend to self-driven tourism. Tourists of other provinces are mainly from Jiangxi, Chongqing, Guizhou, Hubei, Chengdu and Hunan tourists are mainly from Changde, Changsha, Yiyang and Jishou.

Though tourist flowing quantity was big, No long time waiting and traffic jam appeared. Traffic was in order. Hotel was enough provided with stable price. Everything goes well during this small tourism peak period.

By Patricia

ZJJ Mid-Autumn holiday