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On the morning of October 22, after the baptism of rain, famous tourist attraction zhangjiajie wulingyuan is full of clouds. Between the tianzi mountain to Yuan Gujie rapid hoodoo, 22 “local tyrant” cars team composed of lamborghini go through the winding mountain road. It is reported, this is the top organization for zhangjiajie to have a luxury car through experience by far.

The lamborghini trip is organized by zhangjiajie TV channel, lamborghini China hosted tourism culture. In the period, the “local tyrants” team go across the valley, hoodoo, zhangjiajie tianmen mountain and no.5 grand canyon, baizhang gorge scenic area, to enjoy the wonderful landscape uncanny workmanship of nature, while feeling or driving displacement of high-tech, high-quality steel.

According to introduction, in recent years, along with the increasing maturity of zhangjiajie leisure vacation and related supporting service facilities, including lamborghini and ferrari, maserati, many of the luxury car groups drive to zhangjiajie in succession, or carry out events in zhangjiajie.

According to incomplete statistics, from 2014 to 2015, there are more than 300 maserati, ferrari and other luxury cars entered to wulingyuan. World top car alongsides with zhangjiajie landscape, which brings a business card for zhangjiajie to attract many road lovers to have a leisure vacation travel.

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On October 21, in huanglong hole hallelujah hall, a large-scale performing art “misty rain in zhangjiajie” folk culture opened a day six performance models, in order to satisfy the masses of tourists intense drama performance requirements.

It is understood that “misty rain in zhangjiajie” by the world phoenix media co., LTD., invested 180 million yuan from the planning to the scheduled after nearly ten years. At the beginning of the premiere, “misty rain in zhangjiajie” has not been widespread attention of the market, which has experienced several years of struggle and hard experinence. As time goes on, it is the praise of the audience that lets the show gradually popular. Entering 2016, “misty rain in zhangjiajie” with its rich and colorful content and aesthetic form, it wins warm welcome of the audience, continuously surpassing themselves and repeatedly broking the record events in the history of cultural performance.

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On October 23, 24 solar terms of frost,in the resort zhangjiajie, autumn clouds look like “avatar” suspended sea, from time to time to let visitors both at home and abroad to take pictures.

The clouds appear in Tianzi mountain, several miles galleries, Yuan Gujie Yang Gujie, Huangshi village, etc. Because of the rain, the fog in the top of the mountain after wind blowing burst, haunting in “zhangjiajie landscape” hoodoo and peak cluster, which formed a variety of realistic picture.

Every autumn frost means that the weather gets colder, going into winter. Zhangjiajie wulingyuan however, is still the majority of tourists travel choice. Because of the successful festival activities such as “huanglong hole” art fair, hunan international tourism festival and international travel business conference, the Olympic champion meet in wulingyuan, zhangjiajie will continue to attract many visitors.

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Zhangjiajie is a sacred land. On the morning of October 22, a group of south Korean visitors were attracted by zhangjiajie Tianzi mountain charming autumn scenery.

Since autumn, some leaves in the world natural heritage sites tianzi mountain, Yuan Gujie, Yang Gujie, huangshi village and bao feng lake began to turn red and yellow, especially eye-catching. All of them will develop the whole “zhangjiajie landscape” to be beautiful enchanting scenery, as if a natural oil painting, also like a romantic lyric poetry.

At present, it still is the tourist season, every day, more than 10000 visitors enjoy the autumn here.

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On 14th October morning, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenery shows in the popular network TV series “The playlet bone of white snake”.

In the playlet bone white snake, The “Small white lady” is flying in Yuan Gujie. It is also the international blockbuster “Avatar” hallelujah mountain “The prototype of the land. In the drama, “Zhangjiajie landscape” appears many times.

It is reported that “The playlet bone of white snake” is Hunan radio and television TV channel playlet bone group according to the ancient myth television series “New white niang son legend” remake series, always put in five sets, total length of 100 minutes.

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