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Stepping into the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, naughty wild monkeys, and shady trees may leap to your eyes before reacting. Especially nowadays, I think such a vibrant natural scenic spots is just the excellent place tourists are looking for. Casually walking in the woods, different monkeys’ jabber always can be heard here and there. Obviously, monkeys use their own fascinating songs to welcome the guests all over the world and celebrate the special festivals. Visitors are very curious about those vigorous, flexible sprites so that they can’t wait taking photos from time to time. In the meantime, monkeys certainly grasp every chance to show themselves. All kinds of postures reflect their profession when facing cameras from every angle.

It is self-evident that wild monkeys have already become special mobile scenery in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Grouping monkeys sometimes wander along Golden Whip Stream, or play on the treetop, carefree and leisurely. In order to let wild monkeys get along well with tourists, specified staff protect and domesticate them elaborately. Thanks to those lovely monkeys’ appearing among countless tourists, harmoniously, spirituality, appeal, vitality have got a better annotation as time goes by; tourists usually feel reluctant to leave this lively paradise.

Translated by Becky

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The lowest temperature is about 8℃ in most parts of Zhangjiajie, Mountainous areas such as Tianmenshan even close to 0℃, With a thermal downwards trend and intermittent rain on, Since the arrival of the Beginning of Winter in Chinese lunar calendar.

Groups of domestic and foreign guests, Korean and outdoors lovers especially, were attracted by the colorful early winter scenery. Hills are covered with multi-color leaves, red refresh fruits dotting on the forest and sea of clouds surrounding the mountains.

Translated by Zumi


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On November 6th, A team of 6 Thailand mainstream media paid a visit to the classic attractions,Like Huangshi village, Gold whip stream and so on, In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Those Thailand friends repeatedly praised its unusual mountains, Beautiful scenery and fair scenic management, Service plus environmental sanitation.

The group is preparing for “Hunan Culture into Thailand” activity, Which is to be put on in early December in Thailand. It will enable Thailand media into Zhangjiajie core scenic area, Experience and feel the beauty of Zhangjiajie and further expand its popularity and influence in Thailand. It is worth mentioning that the group specially went to see the dove tree in person grown by Thailand princess Shilin ten years ago. It is a symbol of peace and friendship for the two countries lasting for ten years.

ZJJ Media Group1 ZJJ Media Group2

The group specially went to see the dove tree grown by Thailand princess Shilin

Translated by Zumi

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On November 9th, The third China • Zhangjiejie Wulingyuan Cyclist Race starts at the Charming Xiangxi Cultural Square in Wulingyuan area. 3 thousand cyclist lovers abroad or domestic can experience the world’s unique Zhangjiejie Landscape again by riding through the forest.

It is said that there are 500 more people join the activity than last year, Which made a record. Up to now, it has been the largest cycling festival in the world’s heritage site. Contenders are classed into six teams, The age group from 18 to 60, mainly from the mainland, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, America, Korea, and Japan.

“The same Zhangjiejie, But different outdoor heaven, It aim s to answer the call to save energy and reduce emission and encourage more people’s attention on green outing that enables low energy consumption, pollution and emission. It also helps to make the unique resourceful Zhangjiejie landscape especially the rich outdoor tourist resources go globally, attracting more domestic or foreign guests to feel the beauty of Zhangjiejie and experience an unusual outdoor heaven”.Xiang Xujie, A government official said.

Translated by Zumi

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On November 8th, The extreme cycling challenging race put on in Huangshi Village of Zhangjiajie national forest park. After tense competing,Mr.Jiang Sihan, An extreme cyclist from Taiwan, toped among the DH team, With a record of 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

Jiang Sihan in ZJJ1

The contenders teamed DH are competing on the 3.68-kilometer track with an altitude of 432 meters

Jiang Sihan in ZJJ2

A glimpse of men competing on the track

Jiang Sihan in ZJJ3

Mr.Jiang Sihan, Champion of the DH team

Translated by Zumi