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Since last night (22), with an average elevation of 1400 meters, zhangjiajie tianmen mountain national forest park meets winter snow again, so the entire scenic area becames ice and snow world.

After a night of snow, the entire scenic area is a piece of snow. Swim lanes are covered with a layer of about 10 cm thick snow, like a white carpet. Forms of crystal “ice” ornament in every corner of the mountain, shows a coloured glaze kingdom. Many tourists pick up the cameras, mobile phones to record the beauty.

Entering November, tianmen mountain appears multiple times rime, glaze landscape. Winter snow season has arrived earlier than usual, so ice wonders also appear more frequently. Ice and snow, in order to ensure the security of tourists, tourism organization staff is in a timely manner to shovel the ice snow removal, at the same time increases the intensity of tourism channel patrol.

According to the weather forecast, better weather will show on zhangjiajie region tomorrow, so  tianmen mountain beauty is like a fairyland with magic ice and snow.

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On November 25, according to huangshi village passenger ropeway co., LTD., since December 18 to December 29, zhangjiajie huangshi village ropeway will stop for maintenance. On December 30, ropeway will restore operations.

Huangshi village cableway with a total length of 1000 meters, 431 meters elevation difference, investment more than 5000 ten thousand yuan to build in 1997, is the important “air corridor” for Chinese and foreign tourists to visit zhangjiajie national forest park in huangshi village scenic area. The ropeway per hour capacity is more than 2000 people, which has been the Chinese association of cableway awarded as “national top ten cableway”, “national advanced unit” passenger ropeway enterprise culture, and repeatedly won the national highest passenger ropeway enterprise security service quality 5 s standards, etc.

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On December 1st, tourist attraction zhangjiajie is the poetry of fairyland. It is known that wulingyuan launched a three-month season “discount”, beating the heat zhangjiajie tourism in winter.

According to the pricing authorities under the file, on December 1, 2017, to February 28 (except the Spring Festival golden week), wulingyuan big ticket fare will change from ordinary each time 245 yuan to 136 yuan to 85 yuan (VIP) at each time, the discount rate of 45%. Visitors with a ticket for four consecutive days can be infinite times to come into tianzi mountain, Yuan Gujie, huangshi village, Yang Jiajie, huangshi, miles galleries and other attractions. In addition, huanglong hole, bao feng lake and scenic cable car, ladders, small train transportation tools will also have ticket discount rate of 20%. Wulingyuan district each star hotel (including according to the star hotel management hotel) shall perform the winter, but not below the industry’s lowest cost. The personage inside course of study, according to the scope of preferential and discounts, it is the best in history.

Winter tour in zhangjiajie, is very fantastic. Wulingyuan after entering winter tourism mode, synchronization opens the “met” wulingyuan micro travelogue series, “snow festival atmosphere” special photographing, “SuoXi edge field” and “fireplace will touch and rice”, “joy out of years” and so on seven big series of theme activities, for tourists from home and abroad to provide the best winter tourism products.

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According to the authority, zhangjiajie wulingyuan core scenic spot will perform a winter preferential prices, so the core scenic area big ticket price 136 yuan/person, discount as low as 5.5 fold.

As we have learned, wulingyuan district the preferential policy is wide range. All other scenic spots have different degree of discount. Scenic cable car, elevator, sightseeing car, performing arts tickets and all the star hotels are in preferential price. In addition, zhangjiajie travel team on the basis of in winter, by itinerary still can enjoy preferential treatment. Preferential policy execution time is from December 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017, the Spring Festival golden week except that in 2017 the first day until the seventh day.

In another development, zhangjiajie has drifted down two snow, both Chinese and foreign tourists can appreciate rare snow.

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On November 22 to 24, CCTV “travel guide” film group comes to zhangjiajie wulingyuan. As the main body in the winter tourism product, Zhangjiajie will follow the tour guide to the world through the screen.

To strengthen zhangjiajie winter tourism, arranged by the municipal party committee propaganda department, the central television station “travel guide” crew has been in wulingyuan tianzishan mountain, Yuan Gujie, miles galleries, bao feng lake, huanglong hole and charming xiangxi natural humanities attractions. With the unique folk customs, members are pleasantly surprised and excited, active to record zhangjiajie winter charming “fairy tale world”.

“Zhangjiajie winter is too beautiful! Mountain is magical, water is very witty, and people are very enthusiastic.”The tourist guide of Australian Chinese female MC Min – Zhui lee is fond of the beauty of the zhangjiajie. It is understood that during the period of zhangjiajie, it comes to film the grand canyon glass bridge, hetian, tianmen mountain and so on. It gives vivid detailed and comprehensive zhangjiajie tourism information in winter.

The tour guide is English news channel of CCTV special tourism programs. With 30 minutes long, it is the whole one of the most-watched program of CCTV English news channel, also is the present domestic only the global broadcast of the English tourist programs, which has high influence abroad.

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