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On May 10, 2018, Mayor of Zhangjiajie, Liu Gean met with the 21 Consulates from Hong Kong and Macao; Wang Dong, Deputy Special Representative of the Office of the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs in Macao; Lin Xiaoxin, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Concierge Public Affairs Department of the Macao SAR Government.and Zhangjiajie Deputy Mayor Ouyang Bin, etc. attended the ceremony.

According to reports, Participants in this delegation include Bangladesh, Chile, Mozambique, Peru, Zimbabwe, Iran, Angola, Nepal, Indonesia, Mongolia, South Africa, Israel, Nigeria, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Niger, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Australia, Consul General, Honorary Consul and Representative from Hong Kong and Macao in 21 Consulates.

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On the morning of May 3, 2018,in Tianmenshan sky-road, Qing Yunhui, China’s longboard downhill athlete, took a total of 10.77 kilometers and a height difference of 1,100 meters. It took only 18 minutes to drive downhill,and there are no mistakes through the 99 corners. He created the world record of longboard speed drop in “The most consecutive corners in the shortest time”.

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Qing Yunhui ZJJ Longboard (1) ZJJ Longboard (2)

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According to Zhangjiajie official sources, Zhangjiajie Dayong Overpass Project will officially start on May 6. The closed construction period will end on January 31, 2019. The total construction cost will be approximately RMB 220 million.

The construction of the Dayong overpass bridge project will further improve the urban road network function of Zhangjiajie, improve the urban traffic environment, and enhance the quality of tourism boutique cities. It is also important for accelerating the construction of Zhangjiajie’s international tourist resorts.

Source from Zhou Zhiqiang

ZJJ Overpass

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Recently, according to official news, Zhangjiajie Ice and Snow World Project’s construction is in full swing and is expected to open in July.

It is understood that Zhangjiajie Ice & Snow World is located in Yanghe Township, Cili County, with a total investment of 600 million yuan. The project plans to use more than 200 acres of land and will include indoor ski skating, snow and ice romance themed performances, magical glass sightseeing rings, and ice. Bumper car, toboggan skiing, children’s ice play, ice bar, international standard skate park, rock climbing, equestrian sports, VR dynamic experience, study camp, leisure and vacation integrated experience center, of which the main building of the ski area 63,322 square meters, cold The district has a building area of 27,000 square meters and is expected to receive 6,000 visitors a day.

Source from Zhou Zhiqiang, Qin Long

Ice & Snow World (1) Ice & Snow World (4) Ice & Snow World (6)

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In recent days, temperatures have risen and the sun is shining. Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan National Forest Park is full of spring flowers, and all kinds of mountains flowers bloom beautifully. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of spring flowers.

The wild cherry blossoms on the top of mountain. Looking ahead, a sea of flowers, gestures, swaying in the wind. Flowers fight in the spring.From mid-April onwards, the wild cherry blossoms, pear blossoms, alpine magnolias, tianmenshan azaleas, and sycamore flowers will all continue to bloom and will present a beautiful landscape of blossoming flowers in Tianmen Mountain.

Source from Ding Yunjuan