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On January 30th, after full de-icing, world natural heritage zhangjiajie Yang Jiajie cableway resumes operation. Nearly time tourists in zhangjiajie can take the ropeway into wulingyuan. People can see the world’s unique view on ropeway.

With the ice and snow, it causes Yang Jiajie suspended cableway. After a time of actively deicing, it ultimately ensures the normal operation of ropeway. According to the weather forecast in recent days, zhangjiajie is still under 0 ℃. Tourism department reminds visitors to pay attention to prevent slippery antifreeze, to ensure safety.

Yang Jiajie cableway is the 3rd “air corridor” of wulingyuan district. It is the best means of transport to watch “zhangjiajie landscape” scenery.

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On January 29, tourist attraction zhangjiajie welcomes the first snow in 2015. Although the snow is light, because of lower temperature, it forms rime and silver thaw. The beautiful scenery spectacular is intoxicated by tourists from home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, in huangshi village, thousands of people in Yuan Gujie scenic spots watch the snow and ice.

Affected by factors, because of qualitative transformation, Tianzi mountain cableway and Yang Gujie cableway have been suspended. All the visitors can also take the dragon ladder, huangshi village cableway into the core scenic area, also can from miles gallery take a walk to Tianzi mountain. However, local tourism department remind, because the day frozen slippery, to pay attention to keep warm skid, ensure a safe trip.

Forecasters, from 30 to 31, zhangjiajie air temperature will be snowy. At that time, the scenic area will be more beautiful and moving.

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Famous landscape painter, wuling painting founder, zhangjiajie academy chief Yangjing′s painting exhibition held in Guangzhou art museum.

In the exhibition, “zhangjiajie sea of clouds”, “wulingyuan perfect living”, “Bao feng fairy lake” and other 100 works showed zhangjiajie beautiful scenery landscape performance incisively and vividly. The painting works embodied the infinite love and praise of zhangjiajie scenery, expressing the lofty pursuit of painting and calligraphy art.

The exhibition attracted people from Beijing, Shenzhen, Changsha, Guangzhou and other industry players and many Guangzhou citizens. This is his individual exhibition held in shenzhen in 2010 after the second zhangjiajie scenery exhibition in domestic. This year he will also hold zhangjiajie scenery exhibition in France, the United States and other places, with an art form to pass the beauty of zhangjiajie to the international friends.

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The ropeway company of huangshi village finished five-day annual maintenance. And now it resumed the operation, a day earlier than planned. All the physical examination results showed that the various technical indicators of huangshi village passenger ropeway were normal.

Huangshi village cableway, since last year, the company took many ways step by step to have an implementation to all kinds of facilities maintenance. The concentration of nearly a week time will focus on the replacement drive spindle. After repeated trial, after the replacement drive spindle, it works normally and correctly. To protect tourists, the company decided to resume operation one day in advance.

Huangshi village passenger ropeway had a reception of more than 700000 tourists last year. It was the safest, most comfortable passenger ropeway for the Chinese and foreign tourists.

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2015 Zhangjiajie and Taiwan Strait Bicycle Challenge will show on March 28. It will be held in the world natural heritage sites wulingyuan scenic area.

At that time, there will be 11 Taiwan’s top professional cycling teams about more than 600 people from Shanghai, Hunan, Beijing and other places will compete in zhangjiajie. The competition will be divided into professional and amateur experience group.

Back in November, zhangjiajie tourism association outdoor leisure travel branch and zhangjiajie in the CITS began to have a preparation for the bicycle industry. After investigation, Taiwan respective mechanism is favorable for wulingyuan. It helped “land” zhangjiajie.

In order to adapt to the needs of zhangjiajie tourism transition upgrade quality, promote the development of the new tourism formats, since 2013, zhangjiajie full opens the development of outdoor leisure travel, fully showing the different outdoor paradise to the world.

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