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The college entrance examination(Kaokao) has just ended (June 7-8), Zhangjiajie official external news: from June 12 to September 12, 2018, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic area provide free tickets for student of college entrance examination,It is reported that this is the first nationally famous scenic spot that is free tickets for student of college entrance examination this year.

Apart from Wulingyuan core area, there are Huanglong Cave and Baofeng Lake. All students of college entrance examination who have just taken this year’s college entrance examination, they can enjoy free tickets to Wulingyuan core area (Only need to purchase insurance and IC card fee of 8 yuan/person) and Huanglong Cave and Baofeng Lake (Only need to purchase insurance).

Source from Zhou Zhiqiang, Deng Dali, Wu Yongbing

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On June 9, 2018, Zhangjiajie west attractions officially opened again,It marks the beginning of a new history of Zhangjiajie west attractions.It includes Jiutian Cave, Kuzhu Village and Maoyanhe rafting, and New Zealand Airship Project.Zhangjiajie west attractions is acquired and undergoes overall development by the Zhangjiajie City Investment Group.

The above major attractions, Zhangjiajie west attractions will soon become one of the hot spots in Zhangjiajie. It is only in Zhangjiajie Forest Park, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge and Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain. Zhangjiajie West Tourism will become the only core product in Zhangjiajie.

Source from Zhou Zhiqiang, Tang Yunpeng

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On the morning of June 8, 2018, Shijiaping Village, Wangjiaping Town, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City. When the sun turned over the mountains, the silent mountain village suddenly became lively. Villagers and tourists flocked from the village road, and the annual Thousand-person Tujia “Hucang Culture Festival” opened.

Hucang Culture Festival (1) Hucang Culture Festival (2)

Tujia Hucang Custom Information

An old Chinese saying goes like–Food is the paramount necessity of the people.Cultivation culture herein can trace back to long long ago.Different nations apply different ways to pray for harvest.As a newly listed provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, Zhangjiajie Tujia Hucang custom is strikingly attractive.

It is a history of approximate 400 years of Tujia Hucang custom in Yongding District ,ZJJ.Legend has it that in late Ming dynasty,Tujia people could not bear the oppression from landlord any more,a leader of the laborers decided to make trick on Landlord Quan in a year.The master laborer lied that he was given direction from an eminent and mysterious man this year would have a bad harvest ,caused by insect outbreaks.Only the laborers who have had sweet wine, fried rice and bowl-sized meat can save this loss.Thereby,nowadays,before rice transplanting ,the host should offer breakfast first.Furthermore,the laborers who suffered a lot continued their trick . The landlord was told for a harvest he must be daubed by muds.Without any doubt,the landlord agreed willingly.All the laborers pretended to murmur the so-called spell and threw muds to him ,in fact they did it with great revenge inside.However,the foolish landlord took it seriously and asked for more muds happily by saying “Just daud,the more muds you daud,the more bumper harvest will come”.

Time goes by, this custom is known by more and more people.Finally,it becomes a traditional custom for praying sweet dreams and bumper harvest.

Today, Tujia people in Wulingyuan still follow this traditional custom each year.Briefly speaking,the custom Hucang has the following explanation—Hu,means to daud mud;Cang,is to regard the host’s body as a barn.

Words all fail to express such charming and time-honored cultivation culture.Aren’t they?(Sourced by Aileen)

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It is learned that from June 10, 2018, Okay Airlines will open a regular flight from Changsha to Cebu, and on July 2nd, 2018, it will open a regular flight from Changsha to Palawan.

On May 28, 2018, National Tourism Administration of Philippines and Okay Airlines held a tourism promotion conference for Palawan and Cebu in Changsha city. At this meeting, Mr. Reyes, The tourism consul of Philippine National Tourism Administration Shanghai Representative Office, introduced the island tourism resources such as Palawan and Cebu in Philippines. Okay Airlines promoted a direct route.

Direct flights Changsha to Cebu: Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 11:30am Changsha took off and arrived in Cebu at 15:00pm. It took off from Cebu at 16:00pm and arrived in Changsha at 19:35pm.

Direct flights from Changsha to Palawan: Round-trip on Mondays. 11:35am Changsha took off and arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport at 15:05pm. The Puerto Princesa Airport took off at 16:05pm and arrived at Changsha at 19:20pm.

The flight models are Boeing 737.

Welcome to China Zhangjiajie!



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On May 25, 2018, Music performance on slacklines team-Houle Douce, staged a breathtaking and romantic air concert in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level.

Source from Ding Yunjuan

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