July 10th, 2017 | Tags:

On July 10, 2017, resort zhangjiajie tianzi mountain scenic area, the clouds are rising. The mountains and valleys are suspended in the air, showing more graceful, which presents the character of fairy wonderland.
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June 25th, 2017 | Tags:

On June 21st, the state’s key foreign film and television VR project, “Natural China”, began shooting at the huangshi village. It is understood that this is the first time for the world’s natural heritage site wulingyuan to enter the country’s foreign propaganda and television programs with VR vision.
It is produced by the propaganda department, the China national geographic film and television center and micro VR co-production. It aims to further promote the Chinese culture to go out, to show the good national image. “Wulingyuan hoodoo” as one of the 50 selected landscapes, besides huangshi village, tianzi mountain, Yuan Gujie and charming xiangxi natural humanities attractions .
VR is virtual reality experience, which is different from traditional audio-visual media. It is not only the fusion of visual art and auditory art, but also emphasises on 360 – degree panoramic view sound field and immersive immersive experience. The whole project will use the art of leading technology, the international language and the forefront of audio-visual experience after the building the boundaries of VR platform. It will be made into heralded gifts to provide important foreign affairs activities, leting the world to know zhangjiajie wulingyuan.

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June 25th, 2017 | Tags:

Late June 21, on zhangjiajie charming xiangxi stage, with dazzle colour blurred light effect, beautiful and delicate scenery, and colorful performances, we heard about the cheerful melody of passion.
In early June, Feng Xiaogang, Liu Huan teamed up to build large show zhangjiajie charming xiangxi folk culture, which attracts more than 5000 Chinese and foreign tourists to enjoy every day, becoming a loud name card of local cultural tourism.

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June 19th, 2017 | Tags:

On the afternoon of June 14, a group of nearly 100 African tourists came to huanglongdong scenic spot. In the middle of the summer’s ecological square, they were making a show of enthusiasm and excitement in the picturesque scenery, constantly taking pictures. It is understood that this is the most populous African travel team since the opening of the huanglongdong scenic area.
In the middle of summer, the scenery is perfect. After the rain, in huanglong hole, the air is fresh and the trees are dripping. The green leaves, and the large flowers look delicate after the rain. And the vegetables on the roadside are adding an infinite amount of life to the ecological square, intoxicating the Chinese and foreign tourists.  According to scenic reception, graduation season in June, this is the traditional off season, but the foreign tourists are sharply rising in recent months. In addition to the traditional Korean tourists, Europe and America, southeast Asia are also growing. And now African guests celebrate hundreds of people in recent years, which becomes one of the few large foreign travel teams.

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June 19th, 2017 | Tags:

Recently, clouds in wulingyuan area bursts into the circle of friends. In fact, wulingyuan has beautiful clouds scenery and colorful flowers. On June 18, in wulingyuan town, visitors can see hundreds of acres of flowers in the blue sky, combining a colorful and attractive scene.
As we have learned, flowers sea varieties mainly include cosmos, sunflowers and cockscomb, which is planted by local villagers. With a total area of nearly 1000 acres, the flowering time can be from May to October. The flowers don’t charge any tickets, so visitors and citizens can also take wulingyuan to forest park car line to visit.

Translated by Sophia