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August 1, 80 domestic Internet cafe, K friends will come together to zhangjiajie. They will search zhangjiajie tourism new media marketing channels, look for the breach of the zhangjiajie tourism to new media marketing climax.
It is understood that during the activity, this batch of K friends in addition to visit zhangjiajie national forest park, huangshi village and wulingyuan famous natural scenic spots, they will also see other classic folk performing arts programs to study xiangxi impression ecological catering and salamanders giant salamander the tourism enterprises. All of these aims to promote zhangjiajie in the new media on micro letter, weibo tourist publicity contribute their strength.

Translated by Sophia

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On the army day, the world natural heritage landscape 5D pavilion will be free for servicemen. On July 25, zhangjiajie landform 5D pavilion in the world geological park museum is announced the news to the world.

The free time is for three days: on July 31st to August 2nd. With the police certificate, soldiers and military, people can come into zhangjiajie landform freely.

The freely opening of 5D experience pavilion is to express the highest respect for them, take this opportunity to promote the world geological park, zhangjiajie landscape science knowledge, and advocate the geological relics, protection of geological relics.

Zhangjiajie world geological park museum is located in the wulingyuan scenic area core water around four door, is the heart of the core of the zhangjiajie landform. It is the most abundant geological museum, which known as zhangjiajie landscape science field. Especially zhangjiajie landform 5D experience pavilion, is one of the world geological park.

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On July 24th, “Wulingyuan literature and art” officially released. It is understood that this publication has published 65 areas, with more than 50 writer authors on the prose, poetry, novels and other literary works.

ZJJ “Wulingyuan literature and art” is founded in 2010, is now published 10 times. It aims to introduce wulingyuan tourist brand, Cultivate Wulingyuan native writers and make a contribution on literature prosperity Wulingyuan art.

Translated by Sophia

literature and art

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Summer in July, The weather is so hot. On July 22nd, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Many tourists come to here to have a rest, A play or take pictures. It is very lively. Visitors are not affected by high temperature and all enjoy a natural summer resort.

ZJJ Park Huangshizhai area lined with trees, The forest coverage rate above 95%, With rich vegetation and suitable climate. The average temperature is around 23°C  in summer, So it is one of the wonderful places for summer tourism.

According to incomplete statistics, Nearly period of time, It has tens of thousands of people every day.

Translated by Sophia

ZJJ Huangshi area

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On July 21st, The camera group in charge of foreign-oriented propaganda show“Poetic China” finished a featured shooting at World Natural Heritage Site”ZJJ Wulingyuan core scenic area”. After visiting Shuiraosimen, Bailong Ladder, The World’s first Bridge, Back Garden, Sandie Waterfall and so on, The group shot Zhangjiajie’s unique beautiful mountains, rivers, bridges as well as caves in a amazing and brilliant way. It is said that the show will be broadcast firstly on National Geographic Channel of American TV station during next summer,followed a few other countries’s TV station.

Coproduced by Information Office of the State Council, Singapore producer and New Zealand producer, the show lasts 2 hours. It will introduce china’s natural and cultural resorts in a actual setting. Li Pei, The producer of Information Office of the State Council revealed that the world’s unique ZJJ landscape would take up 15 minutes to present its formation, feature and worth.

Translated by Zumi

ZJJ Landscape1 ZJJ Landscape2