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Early spring in March, the world natural heritage site zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic area core has many flowers bloom. Everywhere is full of fresh green rhyme, attracting tourists from all over the world to come to walk in spring outing.

In recent years, fog, the air pollution has seriously affected the quality of people’s lives and health. Relying on the original forest, for the development of tourism, zhangjiajie launches a new tourism theme “the fresh air, clean water, green food”, which designed to let visitors away from the noise and pollution of the city and enjoy leisure vacation in the beautiful ecological tourism.

According to introduction, the forest coverage of wulingyuan world natural heritage, world geological park has a leading position in the whole country. Especially the core scenic area, bao feng lake air quality is 100%, the per cubic centimeter of air negative oxygen ion content in more than 100000, known as China’s largest “oxygen bar club”.

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On March 3, zhangjiajie wulingyuan ten-miles gallery has hundreds of sakuras. It looks like a piece of gorgeous tujia brocade, attracting visitors revel in this spring scenery.

According to the forestry workers, sakura trees are all wild deciduous shrubs, also known as cherry tree. The fruit not only has bright color, high nutritional value, also can be used as a fruit to eat.

It attracts people to come to enjoy. With the rising of the temperature, the major zhangjiajie will change to “world”, meeting all visitors with enchanting posture.

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On March 1 in the morning, huangshi village scenic spot has rime wonders. It will be dress the world natural heritage site as a fairy tale world.

Nearly by the influence of the cold air, huangshi village, Yuan Jiajie, Tianzi mountain and other spots form different rime scenery.In attendance after the rain, the holy rime and blue sky, white clouds, castle peak, mountain together constitute a natural Chinese landscape painting, making people intoxicated.

Huangshi village cableway introduces, the scenic spot after the Spring Festival golden week the guest is still thriving, in addition to the mountain can watch the rime, BingGua winter landscape, mountain garden aromatic plum blossom is also very charming.

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On March 1, in the world natural heritage site Huanglong ecological square, a large number of golden rapes dress up beautiful spring scenery, attracting many tourists and citizens to enjoy the spring time.

In the process of construction, Zhangjiajie huanglong hole square has retained the original 30 mu farmland and farming methods, not only to show the zhangjiajie traditional pastoral farming culture to tourists from home and abroad, also to make a great place. Rape open about a week in advance, during the international women’s day, all rape in full bloom,with other cultured, magnolia blossoms, they will outshine each other.

According to the arrival of the festival, the major tourist attraction zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic area also welcomes golden week, and gradually into the tourist season.

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On Feb. 27, zhangjiajie charming xiangxi grand theatre had two pieces of good news. Art troupe has returned from Europe, the second one is zhangjiajie charming xiangxi has received a total of 20000 tourists during the Spring Festival. In the New Year, zhangjiajie charming xiangxi ushered the popular “double harvest”.

On the Spring Festival golden week, zhangjiajie charming xiangxi grand theatre has many tourists. In order to satisfy the desire of more tourists, since February 21, it will have two performances every night.

From 11 to 24 February, zhangjiajie charming xiangxi sent 28 actors to Europe in 2015 again “happy Chinese New Year Chinese culture festival” series of activities. All over tens of thousands of local citizens and tourists appreciated the charm of Chinese national culture and art, and further enhanced the visibility and reputation of zhangjiajie both at home and abroad.

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