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On March 28, zhangjiajie “charming Baofeng” new tourism product has just come out, getting the attention of nearly thousands of tour guides. It is understood that the product includes both the world rare “zhangjiajie landscape” hoodoo, peak and lake scenery, also covers the main card – zhangjiajie wulingyuan district cultural tourism charming xiangxi.

“Charming Baofeng” mountain tourism products aims to use their strong mix, tourism resources together to expand the tourism market at home and abroad, and promotes the great fusion, development of tourism in zhangjiajie natural humanities.

This product makes charming xiangxi, Yang Jiajie, ten mils gallery and other spots become organic whole together. It will share to zhangjiajie most representative landscape cultural tourists, let visitors in zhangjiajie be better able to travel.

In another development, zhangjiajie is also planning to create the lake natural Baofeng lake to become a high standard of landscape subject-live performance. The famous director Feng Xiaogang will act as director.

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On March 28, the world natural heritage site Tianzishan mountain, Yuan Jiajie and Huangshi village appear ethereal fairy clouds landscape. It not only gives much surprise to the 200 bicycle riders on both sides of the straits, also lets famous artist Chen chusheng feel wonderful.

Is spring all the year round, wulingyuan has its unique charm. In attendance of appreciating the wonders of a sea of cloud outside after the rain, “zhangjiajie landscape” is also brilliant. Zhangjiajie tourism industry, as open or restore flights of several cities, wulingyuan spring outing has been increasingly prosperous. The reception of visitors, on average is about tens of thousands of people, and with a year on the rise.

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On March 27th afternoon, Nearly 20 outdoor enthusiasts slide down from the ledge of Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake, which causes the domestic and overseas tourists to take a picture.

It is understood that these outdoor enthusiasts not only give specifically performances for tourists, but carry out field training. The whole “Downhill” training has received support from other coach, which can enhance the persistence of determination and courage, and expand the field survival skills.

After a year of development, currently there are 70 members. The regional outdoor activities have been involved in the whole Western Hunan.

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ZJJ Rock Dance

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In 2015 China’s top ten tourist attractions, The former six spots are the Great Wall, Huang mountain, Gulang island, Sanya, Guilin and Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie with natural and rare landscape and various shapes, gets much attention. Mountains with cloud mist, deep valley, all of them give remote and beautiful stillness. It is nature’s labyrinth and natural museum, a monument to the earth.

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Knowing from Charming Xiangxi Grand Theatre, 2007 National championship of Hunan TV’s “Happy male voice” Chen chusheng will show at March 28 in Charming Xiangxi “In search of the best tour guide’s commentaries” prize-giving grand ceremony. His deep depression and plain and fluent singing passion will reverberate in Zhangjiajie.

Mr Chen Chusheng, The mainland pop male singer after 80 years, original musicians, in addition to Hunan TV’s “Happy male voice” in 2007 national championship, also has gained the “Asia’s most potential new artist”, the country PUB singer series. Its original music album “I know you are not far from me” has won the 2013 album sales champion. This time,Mr Chen Chusheng will sing three songs.

In addition, Chen Chusheng will be regarded as a special guest for Zhangjiajie “In search of the best tour guide’s commentaries” to give special award to the winner. Which “Star” tour guide, can eventually win prize lucky for RMB 200,000 awards, and interact to sing with Mr Chen? There is no doubt that Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi will once again become the focus of all attention.

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Chen chusheng