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Summer in July, the weather is so hot. On July 22, in zhangjiajie national forest park, many tourists come to here to have a rest, a play or take pictures. It is very lively. Visitors are not affected by high temperature and all enjoy a natural summer resort.

Huangshi area lined with trees, the forest coverage rate above 95%, with rich vegetation and suitable climate. The average temperature is around 23 ° C in summer, so it is one of the wonderful places for summer tourism.

According to incomplete statistics, nearly period of time, it has tens of thousands of people every day.

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On July 21th, the camera group in charge of foreign-oriented propaganda show“Poetic China” finished a featured shooting at the world natural heritage site”ZJJ Wulingyuan core scenic area”. After visiting Shuiraosimen, Bailong Ladder, the World’s first Bridge, Back Garden, Sandie Waterfall and so on, the group shot ZJJ’s unique beautiful mountains, rivers, bridges as well as caves in a amazing and brilliant way. It is said that the show will be broadcast firstly on National Geographic Channel of American TV station during next summer,followed a few other countries’s TV station.

Coproduced by Information Office of the State Council, Singapore producer and New Zealand producer, the show lasts 2 hours. It will introduce china’s natural and cultural resorts in a actual setting. Li Pei, the producer of Information Office of the State Council revealed that the world’s unique ZJJ landscape would take up 15 minutes to present its formation, feature and worth.

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Bao feng lake entrance square will be carried mass renovation project construction at the end of August. The project has entered the construction units bidding stage, making a substantial progress.

According to the relevant introduction, at the end of August, it will start the construction of entrance square. The renovation project covers an area of 20042 square meters, with a total investment of 29.5 million yuan. The construction period is expected to 1 year. The whole building will have highlight features such as environmental protection, ecology and high-quality goods. After the completion of the project, the tour environment will be further improved.

Baofeng lake, located at the southern tip of wulingyuan scenic spot, is known as the “eyes” of zhangjiajie. It has included in the China’s top ten charm leisure tourism lakes. In march this year, bao feng lake has been rated as “China well-known trademark”.

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On 9 July afternoon, zhangjiajie tourism organization held a study implementation to the Korean cultural tourism exchanges between the two countries and mutual visa-free work symposium.

Zhangjiajie is a world famous tourist resort and a firm of tourists market. It must make good use of jinping general secretary visit to South Korea. It must propose to further strengthen bilateral exchanges and cultural tourism in 2015 “China tourism year” and “South Korea tourism year” in 2016. It should strengthen zhangjiajie and South Korea cooperation and exchanges in the field of tourism, culture, and actively explore the zhangjiajie tourism market.

With good research related to tourism products, it can complete the zhangjiajie tourism propaganda promotion, to strengthen the construction of tourism infrastructure and continuously improve the quality of tourism services. All of these can make zhangjiajie become an international well-known tourist resort.

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On July 12, 2014 “the great beauty of zhangjiajie, build xiangxi feeling” activity has ended the tourism promotion. Learned at the event, in order to provide more convenient travel routes, the flights from Fuzhou to zhangjiajie will resume in September.

Activities in Fujian tourism industry have caused strong reaction. Fujian major web portals, tourism professional website, government affairs platform micro letter, news sites to promote strong on the report.

In the recommendation meeting, in addition to 500 traveling salesmen for tourism product promotion, they reach a consensus about Fuzhou airlines to zhangjiajie. Xiamen airlines relevant controller introduces, Fuzhou to zhangjiajie had fixed air routes, “SARS” after suspension. In recent years, more and more Fuzhou citizens come to zhangjiajie, calling for the air routes.

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