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After the winter break, it will return to the stage in March 8,2018. It will offer a better value shock feast for visitors, a more perfect performance.

2108 new element:

Highlight 1: Unique, Tianmenshan Canyon Playhouse

Highlight 2: Magical effects, creating visual and visual miracles

Highlight 3: Human and fox love, heaven and earth to testify, mountain matchmaking

Highlight 4: Big stars gathering, creating a first-rate team

Highlight 5: Brand Forging, Casting and Performing Legends

Staging venue: Tianmen Grand Valley

Staging Time: 20:15- 21:45(Beijing time)

Source from Ding Yunjuan

Tianmen Fox Fairy

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On March 7, 2018, Huanglong Music Season Organizing Committee to release news, 2018 Huanglong Music Season will be presented in Huanglongdong Scenic Area in August.At that time, International Piano Art Week, International Vocal Art Week, International Choir Art Week, and Rock Heroes will bring a unique and exciting musical exchange feast to domestic and overseas tourists.

Source from Wu Yongbing

Huanglong Music Season

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On March 8th, 2018, Xiangxi’s Jishou “Azhai cliff plank road” was officially opened. It will add new highlights to tourism in Western Hunan.

Aizhai cliff plank’s first part of the investment is about 20 million, Its total length is 1.5 kilometers and the vertical drop is 500 meters, and including 100 meters of glass path.It is located on the cliffs of Dehang Grand Canyon. This plank road is designed using modern Miao culture elements such as “Butterfly” and “Ribbon”. Dramatic “Ups and downs” and “Thrilling” tourist skywalk attractions.

When you explore Aizhai cliff plank, you can not only enjoy the most exciting, most dangerous and most fantastic scenery in the deep Wuling mountains and valleys.You can also experience the visual stimuli brought by the glass devil path and impact on the extreme potential of tourists. It also has Tianqiao (Aizhai Bridge), Tianlu (Road spectacle), and Tiantai meeting each other to form a beautiful landscape between mountains, which constitutes a spectacular wonder of the symbiotic nature of humanities and nature.

Source from Jishou Xiu-lan Dadehang Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

cliff plank road (1) cliff plank road (2) cliff plank road (3)

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March 2 (Lunar January 15),in this moring, the grand opening ceremony of 2018 Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival is holding in People’s Square. Thousands of citizens and tourists witnessed grand occasion. This is the culture and tourism of integration, and it highlights the brand of cultural tourism in Zhangjiajie.

On this day, Zhangjiajie city is a sea of people, crowded, percussion, singing high-pitched. Lion Dance jump up, ethnic lantern dance jump up, Tujia singing …!

Lantern Festival (1)

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With the warmer temperatures, Zhangjiajie tourism will gradually increase the number of tourists, Zhangjiajie usher in the core tourist attractions in 2018 peak season. From March 1,Zhangjiajie implement peak-season ticket policy.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Core Scenic(Avatar park)

Peak-season price:245 yuan(Four Days Pass,Including sightseeing ticket 180 yuan, Green bus 65 yuan)

Peak-season execution time:March 1,2018 to November 30,2018.


Source from Shuire