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In mid-April, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area continues to appear a blue sky days of good weather.Under the blue sky, The beautiful and verdant trees, pure and fresh and bright air, All of them attract tourists to experience the “Lung” tour.According to statistics, since April 11, Wulingyuan scenic area has received over 30,000 tourists every day.

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Blue April 1

Blue April 2

Blue April 3

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On the evening of April 11st, Organized by CITS Zhangjiajie folk northeast special train, one thousand people set off in Huanglong cave, which looked like swimming dragon, forming a beautiful scenery line. The reflection of ecological square spots in the water looked like a fairyland, attracting numerous visitors to feel amazing.

It was understood that only the evening of April 11st, the scenic spot had received visitors nearly 2,000 people, including more than 1,200 people came to the cave. With a well-prepared reception work, it got high recognition and satisfaction from the masses of tourists.

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ZJJ Night Tour

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On April 11 and 12, From 8:00am o’clock in the morning, Tianmen mountain cableway station had a long line.

On April 11, Although it did not reach the saturated reception, in order to ensure the quality of service, Tianmen mountain stopped selling tickets in advance. With a total of nearly 9,000 tourists, the reception number increased by as much as 270% from a year earlier.

“Tianmen fox spirit” performance was fully booked this weekend. Even some travel teams booked concert tickets three days in advance.A lot of drive tourists, also came from Thailand, South Korea, although the language is different, the music without borders, the audience were absorbed in the plot of the ups and downs, the applause.

Starting from April each year, Tianmen mountain scenic spot and “Tianmen fox spirit” started small peak season for tourism.

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Tianmen Tour 1

Tianmen Tour 2

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Morning of April 9th, A group of Beijing visitors left Zhangjiajie Tianzishan mountain scenic spot, and didn’t forget to take pictures in front of the inn culture wall as a souvenir.The culture wall was given priority to paintings, including 3D giant stereogram for the scenic spot.

It is understood that Milan inn culture wall is actually the original paintings on the wall, A total of more than 10. It both reflects the natural scenery scenic spot of plane three-dimensional paintings, also shows the folklore ink paintings, and masters of literary and artistic feelings bailment inn 3D picture.This giant stereoscopic 3D with an area of 38 square meters, tells a beautiful romantic stories of family.Because of the perfect combination between traditional painting art and new 3D perspective drawing, tourists take photos before the vivid paintings.

During the production process, it pays attention to environmental protection, no other add brick, sand, cement, but the three local artist friends use brushes to draw Zhangjiajie nature, humanities, and folk landscape. It strives for tourists to enjoy the most original ecological culture.

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ZJJ Culture Wall 1

ZJJ Culture Wall 2

ZJJ Culture Wall 3

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On April 1st, The reporter learns from Zhangjiajie crossings, Zhangjiajie airlines officially opened a direct flight to South Korea. The opening of the route ended the history of no regular line between Zhangjiajie and South Korea for a long time, which will further be convenient for both economic and cultural exchanges and tourism.

Zhangjiajie attaches great importance to each service preparation, actively developing airport authorities and airlines contact coordination. It will grasp the entry-exit passengers and flight details, strengthening the first passenger orderly, fast customs clearance.

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ZJJ Airport