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On the afternoon of October 20th, more than 20 wingsuit masters who participated the 3rd Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Wingsuit World championship toured happily Yellow Stone Village of ZJJ. They highly praised that ZJJ forest is the world’s most spectacular and beautiful scenery.

Since they went to ZJJ, they have been longing for the unique ZJJ Landscape. Thus they visited it as soon as the match was over. When the wingsuit team just got to the top by Yellow Stone cableway, they coincidentally saw a wonderland of “Avatar” with misty twisted clouds. They took out their cellphones to shoot photos, excited and happy. South African contestant Julien Buler the champion of this year, expressed his wish to fly in the forest and lingered for a long time.

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Julien, the first-term champion, won just the 7th last year in ZJJ Tianmenshan. Though he entered into the top four, his ranked the worst. Thus,Noah was regarded as the No.1 hit winner.But to everyone’s surprise, Julien miraculously won the match with the shortest time of 33 seconds. “Oh, my god!” Jeb Corliss, the world championship technical adviser even cried out on TV.

With 14000 times parachutings and 2000 times wingsuit flying for 23 years, he won  twice. For South African, he succeeded out of no secret. The first time when he won the champion, he was offered a coach at Dubai Parachuting Center. 2 years later, he rewon with knowing what would happened on his life,“No matter what happened, flying is my life, and i will never give it up. Except my first fearful parachuting attempt, I always want to fly on and on since.”

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Julien was happily celebrating his victory



Julien with last-term champion Janathan



Julien flew all the way ahead of Janathan in the final compition

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On October 13rd,news from The National Development and Reform Commission ofHunan Province, the central government approved a paper on building Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde Train Route. It pointed out that the train routes will improve the regional road network layout, build up the basic facilities of Wuling area and accelerate the economical development along the route area.

The project is to stretch 339 kilometers long with 16 train stations, among which ZJJ will have 4 stations, namely Sanzhi, Jianziya, West of ZJJ and Hejiacun.

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If you come to visit ZJJ Wulingyuan core scenic area in winter,it will only cost 136 RMB with 109 RMB off from 2014 to 2015.The preference policy that prolongs the validity of common ticket price and tries out discount in winter has been approved by localgovernment.

According to the approved document, the common ticket price for Wulingyuan core scenic area is 245 RMB( sightseeing ticketprice-180 RMB, Green Cars-65 RMB), which changes the validity from 3 days to 4 days. Besides, visitor can tour more than once a year by buying monthly tickets, seasonal tickets or yearly tickets, 298 RMB per person.

At the same time, the off-season ticket price per person takes50% or 30% off from the sightseeing and green car fees respectively. Hence the off-season admission price is reduced from 245 to 136 RMB from December 1st to February 28th . The ticket basically includes the most classical tourist attractions in ZJJ, like Yellow Stone Village, Tianzishan, Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie, Ten-Mile Gallery, Wulong Village.

Except the off-season reference ticket fee, most hotels will also provide 10% to 40% discount. Though ZJJ Wulingyuan witnessed a less booming tourist business, more and more people have chosen to enjoy the snow-covered ZJJ landscape in winter recently.

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On October,11st,2014, American contestant Allan Brenna displayed her own wingsuit clothes. Others who was to the 3rd Wingsuit Flying Tournament gave a trial flight in Mount Tianmen, Which was so attracting that many guests stopped to watch. It is planned that the match will be held during 14th to 19th this month there.

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