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On May 24th, 2015 Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain ladder downhill skills competition showed to the public.Garrett, Bernard kohl,Mike Montgomery and Andrew Taylor 4 contestants showed the dazzling bicycle skills,letting the audiences feel the extreme sports bicycle unique charm.

Afternoon skills competition was a dazzling technique performance.Skills competition shortened the length of the track, so the players had an acceleration of the ladder platform jumping to complete the difficulty movement in the air.

During the game, each player jumps after three times to get the highest score.In the end, with the skill and courage, Mike Montgomery won the champion of skills competition with 87.66 points.

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Cycling Challenge (4)

Cycling Challenge (5)

ZJJ Cycling Challenge (1)

ZJJ Cycling Challenge (2)

ZJJ Cycling Challenge (3)

ZJJ Cycling Challenge (4)

ZJJ Cycling Challenge (5)

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As the world’s longest, tallest transparent glass bridge – Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge will be opened to tourists.With a total length of 430 meters, 6 meters wide glass bridge, is about 300 meters from the bottom, and can stand 800 people.The whole project is without reinforced concrete bridge piers, at the same time, it has multiple functions such as bungee jumping, slippery rope, stage.

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Glass-bottom bridge (1)

Glass-bottom bridge (2)

ZJJ glass-bottom bridge (1)

ZJJ glass-bottom bridge (2)

ZJJ glass-bottom bridge (3)

ZJJ glass-bottom bridge (4)

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On May 11st to 17th, at the invitation of Wulingyuan district tourism bureau, The French television 《Discovery》 film come to the world natural heritage site Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan to make a documentary.

It will not only pay attention to Yuanjiajie Huangshi Village, and Tianzi mountain, but also is very interested in Zhangjiajie unique landform scenic area. It will display all-round for the Zhangjiajie folk.With the 50 minutes documentary, it is expected to show in France in August.

Program director Laurence told reporters that Zhangjiajie was chosen as the geological park, because of “Avatar”director James Cameron’s footsteps, to show the French people, and even the world the most beautiful in the world. We will be filming Zhangjiajie park in different places, especially the avatar, to show its magic and unique charm.

French television (5) is a French television station, by the French television operations.Opened in 1994, it is a education television station, mainly broadcast documentaries and magazine program.

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French Discovery

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On May 10th, the town of Wulingyuan, is a god Zhangjiajie.The world natural heritage site Tianzi mountain has magic gathering clouds, like a dream.

Cloud is around castle peak, peak flood blue sky. With the summer beginning, Zhangjiajie scenic spot continues to appear a “Blue” scenery, Dressing up the Zhangjiajie landform scenery especially beautiful spectacular, Yellow stone village. On the Banks of Huangshi, Huanglong hole, the tourists from home and abroad are full of excitement.

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On the evening of May 2nd, China’s first large intangible tourism performance DREAM ZHANGJIAJIE shows in Zhangjiajie Dream Big Theatre.

DREAM ZHANGJIAJIE is the first in a heritage as the theme of the tourism, with a total investment of 41 million yuan.The performance regards Zhangjiajie landscape, non-material cultural heritage and the local folk culture as the materials, by using five chapters, with a total length of about 80 minutes. With the perspective of the original state, scenes, stories, Xiangxi culture be demonstrated in all aspects.

“DREAM ZHANGJIAJIE” performance has the utilization of domestic first-class LED, laser, lighting, sound, stage machinery equipment, which combines with the dazzling national costumes, stage, singing and dancing, etc. It will be the romance of xiangxi children, toast dynasty magnificence, southeast of the illustrious tragic, the mystery of the soul to native place (A corpse), and guiguzi alkaloids in legend. In the form of magnificent fantasy, it will promote the customs of the ethnic minorities in Western Hunan, intangible culture, and national big love.

Translated by Sophia
Dream ZJJ 1

Dream ZJJ 2

Dream ZJJ 3