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The Zhangjiajie Hehua (Lotus Flower,Chinese:荷花) Airport is located in Yongding District 4 kilometers from the center of Zhangjiajie City. Bus No4 goes from downtown to the airport.

Zhangjiajie Airport has several services to larger and medium cities in China, such as Beijing,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Shengzhen,Chongqing,Chengdu,Xian,Nanjing,Changsha,and so on.


Zhangjiajie Railway Station is 1 kilometer south of the city center, Just opposite the stop for bus No5 and No6, Which take you about 10 minutes to travel downtown for 1-2RMB.

Zhangjiajie is linked by rail directly, or via Changsha, to most cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. See Zhangjiajie Railway Station popular routes.

City Transportation

There are about 10 bus routes in Zhangjiajie city now. The bus is either 1 or 2 RMB per trip. These bus routes cover most parts of the city proper.

Zhangjiajie City Taxi

The starting price is 5 RMB. If you go to the railway station or the airport by taxi, 20-30 RMB is enough from most places in the city.

Bus/Coach Transportation

Zhangjiajie Long-Distance Bus Station provides many buses to the surrounding scenic spots and suburbs.

During the day, Every 10 minutes there is a mini bus going from city proper to Wulingyuan or Zhangjiajie national forest park, which is about one hour’s drive, costing 12 RMB per person.and there are several buses going from city proper to fenghuang town, about 4 hours’ drive, costing 75RMB per person.

The expressway from Zhangjiajie to Changsha was opened in December 26, 2006. With the opening of Chang-Zhang Expressway, It takes less than 4 hours to travel from Changsha to Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie Downtown-Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

From the Airport: After getting off a plane, take bus 4 outside the airport to Zhangjiajie Bus Station (1 yuan, 08:00 – 18:00). Then take a tourist shuttle bus to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, departing every 10 minutes. It takes 35–40 minutes and costs about 10 yuan. From the Railway Station:Take a tourist bus (see above). The bus station is on the left of the railway station exit. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, one of the most popular tourist destinations.

We are here to help. Contact our travel advisors for help with navigating China’s transport network, or book a tour and let us take the hassle out of getting around Zhangjiajie or other cities in China.


By Bus

You can take a direct bus from the bus station in Fenghuang town to Zhangjiajie at 08:30 and 14:30 every day. The trip costs about 80 yuan per person and takes 3-4 hours.

By Train

Take a bus from Fenghuang bus station to Jishou railway station (20 yuan, 1 hour). There are many trains from Jishou to Zhangjiajie (30 yuan, 2 hours).


By Bus: There is no direct bus from Huaihua to Zhangjiajie. You need to take a bus from Huaihua Bus Station to Jishou first, and then change bus to Zhangjiajie.

By Train:There are many trains from Huaihua Railway Station to Zhangjiajie every day. The trains depart from 04:30 to 23:50. It takes about four hours and costs about 90 yuan per person.


By Bus

Zhangjiajie is about 380 kilometers from Changsha. It takes around 4-5 hours by bus. You can take a bus from any bus station in the city. They depart from 08:00 to 19:00, and the ticket price is around 120 yuan.

By Train

There are eight trains to Zhangjiajie from Changsha Railway Station every day. The trains depart from 02:30 to 23:40. It takes about 5-6 hours and costs about 100 yuan.

By Air

There are two flights from Changsha Huanghua International Airport to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport every day. The flight departure times are 08:50 and 19:10. Each flight takes half an hour and ticket price is about 500-800 yuan.


Buses, Trains, and Airplanes all run from Beijing to Zhangjiajie. The distance from Beijing to Zhangjiajie is about 1,500 kilometers, so taking a bus is not recommended for such a long journey.

By Train

It is very convenient to travel from Beijing to Zhangjiajie by train. You can take K267 or K967 direct everyday from Beijing, taking about 21-27 hours. Both trains arrive at Zhangjiajie in the morning.

By Air

There are 3-4 flights from Beijing Capital International Airport to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport from May to October each day. The number of flights may decrease in the low travel season from November to April.It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes from Beijing to Zhangjiajie by flight. Flight ticket price is about 1,200 yuan. The flight departure time concentrate on two periods: 06:30 and 18:30.

It is better to take the flight that departs in the evening, which arrives at Zhangjiajie airport at about 21:00. The airport is only 4 km from Zhangjiajie city.


Buses, Trains, and Airplanes run from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie. The distance between Shanghai and Zhangjiajie is about 1,400 kilometers, so taking bus is not recommended.

By Train

There are two direct trains, K533 and K1373, from Shanghai South Railway Station to Zhangjiajie Railway Station. The train departure times are 11:25 and 17:00. The journey takes about 20 hours and 30 minutes. The trains arrive in Zhangjiajie at 07:52 and 13:47 the next day respectively.

By Air

There are 2-3 flights from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport from May to October, but less in the low travel season from November to April. A flight takes 2 hours and 20 minutes and costs about 1,200 yuan.

The flights depart at 15:50, 20:00, and 20:35. It is better to take the flight that departs in the afternoon, which arrives in Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport at about 18:10.


Zhangjiajie is about 800 kilometers from Guilin, so taking a bus is not recommended. There is no direct train or direct flight from Guilin to Zhangjiajie.

The best way to go to Zhangjiajie from Guilin is to take a bullet train from Guilin to Changsha South Railway Station, Then a bus from Changsha West Bus Station to Zhangjiajie.

Guilin-Changsha: There are 3-4 bullet trains between Guilin and Changsha: 14:03, 15:45 and 21:12. It takes three hours and twenty minutes and cost about 240 yuan.

Changsha-Zhangjiajie: Take subway line2 from Changsha South Railway Station to Wangchengpo Station (望城坡), and walk about 170 meters to Changsha West Bus Station. This trip takes about 30 minutes.There are many buses between Changsha and Zhangjiajie each day from 08:00 to 19:00. It takes about 4-5 hours and costs about 120 yuan.

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By Air

There are two flights from Changsha Huanghua International Airport to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport every day. The flight departure times are 08:50 and 19:10. Each flight takes half an hour and ticket price is about 500-800 yuan. (Southern Air CZ3984 19:10pm- 20:00pm).

By Train

Train is also another choice since there are 8 trains from Changsha to Zhangjiajie in per day. And the fast one is with duration 4 hrs 38min from 08:29 to 13:07

Train Timetable from Changsha to Zhangjiajie

Train No. Departs Arrives Depart-Arrival Duration Distance(km)

K533/K536 Changsha Zhangjiajie 02:39-07:32 4h53m 396

K9072/K9073 Changsha Zhangjiajie 04:08-09:45 5h37m 396

K967/K966 Changsha Zhangjiajie 07:43-12:35 4h52m 396

K1373/K1376 Changsha Zhangjiajie 08:05-14:02 5h57m 396

T8308/T8309 Changsha Zhangjiajie 08:29-13:07 4h38m 396

K9031/K9034 Changsha Zhangjiajie 22:12-09:30 11h18m 720

K9064/K9065 Changsha Zhangjiajie 22:18-03:39 5h21m 396

K9024/K9025 Changsha Zhangjiajie 23:44-04:51 5h7m 396

By Regular bus

First: By airport bus to Changsha bus station(Changsha West Bus Station OR Changsha East Bus Station)

Second: By Regular bus to Zhangjiajie city(120RMB/per for one way trip,About 4 hours one-way time) We recommend Changsha West Bus Station.

The Changsha-Zhangjiajie Highway has been completed and opened to traffic from October, 1st of 2005, thus considerably shortening the time and distance between the two destinations from previous 8 hours to the present 4 hours by bus.

Join-in Bus to Zhangjiajie

During Zhangjiajie Peak Season(March-November),It is very convenient to get Join-in Bus(Car & Vehicle) between zhangjiajie and changsha.also you can directly bus to zhangjiajie city.and reduce the transfer troubles.The most important thing is that you can get preferential prices(USD30-50/P.P).If you need this information,Pls contact us thru online-email service(shuire@gmail.com)

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On September 27th, Offices, Boundary media alliance visited to ZJJ Wulingyuan District. They would focus on the beautiful natural scenery, Tourism quality, and the integration of tourism and cultural industry development.

The reporters had a deep visit on zhangjiajie national forest park, Zhangjiajie world geological park museum, Xibu street, and other scenic spots. They also had a deep conversation with the head of the scenic spot.

After the interview, They said that they would spare no effort to promote on their media, Also expressed the willingness to long-term cooperation with the Zhangjiajie daily common recommendation for the border tourism products.

Translated by Sophia

ZJJ Media Tour

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On September 27th, 2014, 12 China and South Korea business elites gathered in Zhangjiajie, To show a golf feast for the domestic and foreign enthusiasts.

In order to develop Zhangjiajie international business and leisure travel market and attract domestic surrounding countries and regions, Zhangjiajie people’s government with South Korea HANATOUR jointly held an unprecedented “2014 Zhangjiajie limited golf challenge to China and South Korea”.

And before this game, Mr HANATOUR expressed his love to Zhangjiajie. This was his third trip to Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie was also very famous in South Korea, With a high popularity in South Korea. In the World tourism scenic spot investigation, Zhangjiajie was also one of the most popular national tourist scenic spot (First) for South Korean.

Translated by Sophia


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With a lot of big stars, Comedy film “Be Elated”(Formerly known as “Hard encounter”) would show on September 30th, Officially released in cinemas across the country.

In November 2013, This film crew was shot in Tianmen mountain. At the same time, in “Tianmen Fox Spirit”, Huang Bo, Xu Zheng encountered a drama. On the day of filming, Tianmen fox spirit theatre emerged as a huge fashion Party stage.

Huang Bo, Xu Zheng also specially came to the Tianmen mountain to experience wonderful trip.

Translated by Sophia

ZJJ Comedy Film