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At noon on August 28th, a careful zhangjiajie people found the words in plastic stone landscape have taken place in the text, saying “misty rain zhangjiajie” five characters.

A farewell to “hallelujah” concert hall, because the name has completed its original function. Now known as “misty rain zhangjiajie”, tourists could give better traffic guide, product propaganda effect. The concert hall every night of the original ecological big name of performances, folk culture is called “the misty rain zhangjiajie”.

Huanglong hole hall is located in the world natural heritage wulingyuan entrance huanglong hole ecological square, with an area of 4970 square meters, with a total investment of 160 million yuan, which built in 2010, according to the international standard. The concert hall design novel is unique, beautiful and elegant shape, which has been described as the world’s most beautiful concert hall.

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On August 30, as we learned from tourist attraction zhangjiajie huanglong scenic spot, it received 1 million visitors. Compared to last year, it came to the same track data in advance.

In recent years, huanglong scenic area increased the construction of hardware facilities, to enrich the content of the tourism products. In addition to ensure the long-term in good state visit, they perfected the scenic spot of sign, increased the interactive experience and visit time. Currently a cave, a drama and a square which have colorful charm, far more than in the past “just only see the hole”.

Since the beginning of the year, huanglong scenic area in combination with their own advantages, market-oriented, has introduced a VIP reception service, night tour service, voice guide service, which making visitors be preferred.

Huanglong scenic area was in the beginning of the platform promotion, increasing the propaganda of WeChat, Weibo and other media platforms. Relying on the world natural heritage wulingyuan scenic area of tourism brand, “misty rain shuang dargon” high-quality goods, took an effective improve product visibility and market share.

Huanglong scenic area, at the current development trend forecast, it will continue to be a “NO1″ cave counterparts across the country in 2015.

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At the end of the summer of Zhangjiajie, it is picturesque.On August 25, The world natural heritage sites Wulingyuan ecological square, Huanglong hole, colorful morning glory is in full bloom, which giving great profusion, with gorgeous posture to meet the guests from home and abroad.

According to gardening, this morning glory belongs to spin, petunia genera, annual tendril sex around herbaceous flower. The color is mainly for the pink, red, white, blue, bright color.With high ornamental value, we still have some medicinal value.

All the year round, the place will be full of flowers and pastoral scenery.Huanglong hole after years of construction ecological square, Zhangjiajie has become a well-known cultural attraction, greatly enhancing the visibility and reputation of Huanglong scenic area in the industry.

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Recently, Good news coming from Hunan Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic spot, as for August 17, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic reception has reached millions of people this year, compared to last year nearly 2 months in advance.

Since last June 1st, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic spot has provided the global free policy for the primary and middle school students under the age of 19, student Tours and family Tours grow rapidly. According to statistics, on August 17, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic area has received nearly 390,000 person-time, rose 26% year-on-year, one family self-help tourists accounted for sixty percent.

In addition to the policy, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon environmental protection, low carbon ecological tourism products, are favored by customers around the market. To meet the needs of the market at the same time, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic area takes the initiative to go out and marketing, tourism market docking, successively in bohai bay, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other regions.

At the same time, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge is under construction, which attracting a lot of nonlocal guests to come ahead of time.

After a short few years, The development of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic spot has renowned Chinese and foreign tourists, in addition to excellent tourist resources, the world’s highest and longest of the glass bridge will focus the attention of Chinese and foreign tourists.

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On August 16th, Zhangjiajie ice world project officially started.

The project is organized by Zhangjiajie tourism development co., LTD., with an investment of 600 million yuan, which is located in Zhangjiajie international tourism economic zone. It covers an area of 200 mu.Project location advantage in transportation is obvious, with the source of Zhangjiajie advantage, it will build a set of service for tourists, including water entertainment, leisure, fitness, food and accommodation, shopping, entertainment and information services for the integration of high-end sports and leisure tourism project.Project mainly includes the ice world, forest restaurant, water park, folk customs street four functional groups.

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