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Large-scale outdoor activities will take place in ZJJ from November 8th to 10th ,2014, including “ Yellow Stone Village”Cup thousand-people crossing fields on foot, Extreme Cycling Challenge Race as well as “Xidesheng Cup” Riding through Wulingyuan Cycling Race and “Tianlu” Cycling Challenge Race. For the moment, nationwide outdoor lovers are running wild to register.

The same ZJJ but with different outdoor heaven, the reason for the current hit is due to the green, low-carbon theme as well as world-grade tourist resources of ZJJ. Some applicants expressed that “ ZJJ shows a example for green outing and healthy life, and we can pass it on through cycling race.”

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A media group teamed 30 provincial mainstream DJs from Fujiang, Tianjing, Neimengu, Jiangsu, Shanxi etc., organized by Economic Channel of Hunan People’s Broadcasting Station, arrived at Mount Tianmen, ZJJ, on October 27th.

The DJs let its usual rigorous style go totally to a relaxed casual one, laughing and screaming all the way from the cableway to the glass lane. Even so, they would not forget their working responsibilities. Some of them covered and connected their own channels on live, showing their excited and scared real mood on the grass lane to audience.

In the evening, the group would watch the first world’s large mountainou scanyon music show “ Fox Fairies in Tianmenshan”. “Climbing Tianmenshan in the day, watching fox fairies in the evening” has become a classic and popular route  for travelers. Those DJs also shared it with more audience through their own experiences.

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On October 26th, golden yellow coreopsises, colorful galsang flowers and tender rose embraced a lots of guests laughing and screaming on and on in Laodao Bay. According to statistics, the area has received 60% more people than the same period last year since the National Day. Particularly on weekends, self-driving tour showed a rising trend.

Laodao Bay often has  a view of blooming flowers competing with one another in each October. As the weather was fine this year, the coreopsises were usually golden. Therefore,the unique beautiful natural sights as well as various activities attracted guests from everywhere. They were amazed at the roses of different colors, like yellow, pink, white,etc. Besides, a scent of romance was formed with warm romantic tree house inns and flower-surrounded Sunshine Vocation Hotel.

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On October 23th to 24th, chargers along with senior reporters from 12 overseas Chinese media entered to Wulingyuan, ZJJ, starting the activity” Experiencing Charming Big Xiangxi Tour”. The media are from different countries, such as Russia, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, US, New Zealand, Malaysia.

Though traveling in person, most of the representatives highly praised that the unique scenery of ZJJ as well as special long cultural customs is very yearning. At the same time, they make a few sincere suggestions on how to develop overseas market and enhance the scenic management. Some of them even expressed that they would show the beauty and wonder of the city to more overseas friends by describing what they saw and thought after returning.

It is known that the tour group will visit other natural or cultural scenic spots in Big Xiangxi, like Phonix Ancient Town , Hongjiang Ancient Town, Weiyuan Former Residence.

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In the morning of October 22nd, 2014, A group of visitors has shoot the autumn sunrise of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park-Huangshi village scenic area in the world natural heritage site. In Late autumn, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with flowery colour, under the background of spectacular sunrise, was intoxicated for many people.

Translated by Sophia

ZJJ sunrise